Pumpboard Might Be Your Future Skateboard

The concept of Pumpboard by 3KANT has shown the world how the skateboard may look like in near future. According to the designer, this mind-blowing skateboard would be one of the world’s most handy decks. This three wheeler transporter is inflatable with its removable rear axle that will allow the “board” to be revolved into a very compressed unit when you are not using it. The top and the bottom of the Pumpboard are semi-ridged and can give it the required superstructure when the user will fill the deck with compressed air. This cool looking and featured board is able to and surely will attract the attention of all skateboarders.





Designer : 3KANT

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John says: March 20, 2009

How can people do tricks such an an ollie, heelflip/kickflip, boardslide, manual or even a nosegrind/tailgrind on these "pumpboards"??? What is confusing is the fact that you said "pumpboard might be your future skateboard". Personally i dont think it will replace the usual skateboard at all, i am an amature skateboarder who loves to do tricks and show off my skills in competition to prove i am better than others, i dont know ANY skateboarders who just use it for transport means, just for competing with tricks and skills.

    Kyle says: June 11, 2013

    I agree John. It's more like the future's cruiser.

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