Pick UP Whiteboard Marker Features Triangular Body Shape and Magnetized Cap

Pick UP whiteboard marker has been designed with angled surfaces and a magnetized cap. So, what’s unique about this marker? Well, most whiteboard markers are having round body which rolls on a flat surface, but not Pick UP. Due to its triangular body shape, user can simply put it on flat surface and it stays there, we love how the magnetized cap sticks on the whiteboard surface. User can easily grab this marker or simply toss it on flat surfaces without having to worry if it’s going to roll off or not.

Designers : Prof. T.K. Philip Hwang, Prof. Fan Cheng Kuei, Fu Shou Hsi and Wang Chih Wei

Pick UP Whiteboard Marker

Pick UP Whiteboard Marker

Pick UP Whiteboard Marker

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Andres G. says: June 3, 2012

Hi dear colleagues,

I like your work, congrats! I just have one suggestion for you.
Why does the tip of the marker is located on the up side? I think it should be in the other side in order to be ready for write. It's all about gravity.
Personally I've had bad experiences with markers which have been stored much time in this position, and tint usually go away from the tip. Cheers!

    Tuvie says: June 5, 2012

    Perhaps it's meant for temporary pause during writing. But we totally agree with you, it should be designed on the other side.

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