Future Urban Transport : Car On A Stick

Car on stick as your future urban transport. Those bubble-shaped cars are powered by solar canopies on the roof, very fascinating imagination isn't it? At night, the bubble cars are stored atop telescopic poles, we can use parked vehicles to provide ...
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Scentsory : Nokia Future of Mobile Phone Concept

Scentsory is a mobile communication device that works with the senses of smell, sight, hearing and touch, giving users the ability to experience remote communication on multi-sensory levels. With the development of Scentsory, remote interfacing will ...
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Rovio Telepresence WowWee Robotic

WowWee Robotics once again create great innovation to its robot, it has unveiled its new WiFi-enabled, remotely-controlled robotic webcam platform. Rovia, 3 wheeled telepresence allows you to interact with its environment, give you information on how...
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After 5 Years, When Will Microsoft Touchscreen Available ?

Well, after announcing it 5 years ago, Microsoft still not launch this product just yet. People are getting bored in expecting this technology. Microsoft also feels the same thing. Steve Ballmer said that they're "going to follow our nose" and put it...
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Will Nestt Replace Traditional Car Seat ?

Nestt aims as the best car seat in the world. The idea came from traditional car seat that feel uncomfortable when parents try to wrestle a child, the typical seat's drab aesthetic does little to compliment a lush car interior. Deriving its primary f...
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External Touch Screen, No More Keyboard

This external touch screen can be used as a substitute for your keyboard especially when complicating control is needed.? For designers as PC beginners, graphical guide of external touch screen would be a great help. You can also change this external...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Gadgets, Laptop, LCD Monitor, Personal Computers

Impressa J5 – Automatic Coffee and Espresso Machine

Looking for a compact automatic coffee maker ? Impressa J5 coffee maker might satisfy your needs. Smooth and clean lines, elegant accents to detail make this automatic coffee maker a beautiful masterpiece from any angle. Built from high-end materials...
Posted in » Home And Kitchen

TicketTime : Futuristic Ticketing System

Composed of electronic paper, tickettime concept features boarding card and a wristwatch which can be torn off and worn as a wristwatch during your travel. Before you depart for your journey, the airline company presets the watch to the time zone of ...
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Your Food with High-tech Fete Concept Serving Plates

Serve your food in this thermoelectric tech. Using thermoelectric tech, you can maintain the optimum temperatures be it hot or cold. This way you can avoid your food reaches room temperatures which mean bacteria can run rampant. Did you know 12% of f...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Home And Kitchen

Crossover Vehicle, Cadillac Provoq Hydrogen Fuel Cell Concept

What a luxurious crossover vehicle from Cadillac Provoq hydrogen fuel cell concept. With lithium-ion battery, cadillac provoq can achieve 300 mile range, 100 mph top-speed. Built on E-Flex system, cadillac provoq hydrogen fuel cell concept means usin...
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Going Green with Solar Driveway Light

People are starting to aware of the crucial phase of power-crisis, and more products are launched on the market that use solar energy as its power. Take a look at this Solar Driveway Light, it gets the sun energy during day time, and light up at nigh...
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Use Saver Clip to Help You Save Unused Electricity

Don't waste electricity, save your money. The main goal of saver clip concept is to help you save the electricity which mean save your money and resources. Saver clip works by showing electromagnetic fields on its display, this way people will recogn...
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I-Save Concept : Saving Space As Well As Water In The Bathroom

I-Save is a bathroom concept that save space as well as water in your bathroom. Bathroom is usually neglected space in the overall plan of residences, with that problem in mind, the designers are trying to create a bathroom concept that save space an...
Posted in » Bathroom, Designs and Concepts, Green, Interior Design

Futuristic Kitchen for 2017 by Antoine Lebrun

Futuristic kitchen, designed by Antoine Lebrun might be available in 2017. You might be able to find kitchens utilizing features like the Aion on the market soon. If you look at the kitchen design, there are specialized plants that were developed by ...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Furniture, Green, Home And Kitchen

Stylish Flash Memory Card Holder

Flash Memory Card Holder designed by Tom Kenworthy can help you to bring your memory card safer wherever you are. There are a lot of flash memory card out there, most of you probably only know Micro SD or SD. Traveling with all those memory cards can...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Gadgets

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