Luxury OpenMe Ring with 3D Scanner Installed to Unlock Security Door

OpenMe is a concept ring that can be personalized for individual users by decorating with a carved glass piece and distinct geometry. Aside from showcasing stunning luxury aesthetics, this crystal ring features another handy function which is, it can open safety locks. The crystal facet has a 3D scanner installed in, which will let you to unlock a security door, just as you see in the action movies. In a nutshell, the OpenMe concept provides an added value to the crystal in handiness and our urban security. The ring has been designed considering both the gents and ladies, therefore anyone can opt for one without compromising the style issue.

open me ring

open me ring

open me ring

open me ring

Designer : Marcial Ahsayane

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stephen russell says: October 31, 2009

Use device on a 007 movie, Neat.


Sell like Guns Lisc to use.

Travis says: July 31, 2015

How cool is that. You’re Right it does seem like a device straight out of a 007 movie!

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