Indoor Solar Car Offers Convenient Short Distance Commuting with Luxury

The indoor solar car has been designed to provide a convenient indoor commuting solution and short distance transportation in particular areas and lanes of a city. The car features an energy-efficient engine that runs through electric energy accumulated from direct charging point and by the solar cells. The compact shape and lightweight construction of the car make it easy to drive on narrow lanes. The three-side open interior gives the rider a feel of freshness and ability to house five passengers along with one driver. The height of the driver’s seat has been kept lower than the others, allowing uninterrupted front view to the passengers to make the ride even more interesting.

Designer : Ehab Omaro

indoor solar car

indoor solar car

indoor solar car

indoor solar car

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Stephen Russell says: April 15, 2010

Ideal for Western US cities & Mexico, Caribbean, No Africa, Dubai & India alone.

amritananda sandy says: December 23, 2015

Kindly Subscribe the Government's SUBWAY and MOTORWAY Designer to you.

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