Horological Machine No. 3 Radical Watch Design by Maximillian Busser and Friends

This limited edition good looker designed by Maximilian Busser & Friends is surely a collector’s item as the product has been designed especially for those who would like to own a masterpiece. The overall technology is based on Horological machines which tell time. The machine is designed and constructed in three dimensional unlike the traditional wrist watches and hence are revolutionary. This version called as Horological Machine No.3 has been introduced in two versions : “Sidewinder”, with its cones perpendicular to the arm; and “Starcruiser”, with its cones in-line with the arm. Each has its own very distinct visual characteristics; each offers its own unique angle on telling the time.

horological machine no 3 futuristic watch

horological machine no 3 futuristic watch

HM3’s twin cones indicate hours and minutes respectively, with the hour cone capped by a day/night indicator. An over-sized date wheel – the wheel is actually a larger diameter than the movement – allows for large, clearly legible numbers, with the date indicated by a neatly engraved triangle.

horological machine no 3 futuristic watch

The movement of HM3 has been literally turned upside down to allow for an uninterrupted view of the solid gold winding rotor and the animated oscillations of the balance wheel. The technical challenges in inverting the movement were considerable; however, Jean-Marc Wiederrecht, winner of the inaugural award for Best Watchmaker at the 2007 Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève, and his team at Agenhor not only met but surpassed the challenge.

horological machine no 3 futuristic watch

Turning the watch over reveals the technical secret behind the inverted movement: two large, high-tech ceramic bearings that efficiently transmit power up to the cones and the date wheel.

horological machine no 3 futuristic watch

horological machine no 3 futuristic watch

horological machine no 3 futuristic watch

Designer : Maximilian Büsser and Friends

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keeyop says: September 4, 2010

Very steampunk!
BUT, ultimately a masturbatory exercise in conspicuous, user-unfriendly engineering. If a watch isn't legible, it's a failure. period. Regardless of how much craftsmanship and unnecessary innovation ["look how we solved the problem that we created!"] went into it.

I'm tired of "fashion over function" designs that become quickly outdated… But I'm sure the rich moron who buys it will be very proud. I'd appreciate it in a museum, and laugh at it on a wrist.
Thanks for sharing :)

    james p says: December 12, 2012

    If you can't read the time on that watch, then that's your problem. I'm guessing you hate Movados that have no numbers on them too?

Bloodbred says: January 6, 2011

How is this watch not legible? It’s a work of friggin art. This is the most beautiful watch I’ve ever seen in my life! Move into the 21st century you damn cynics.

Marius sobre says: December 30, 2013

Best design i ewer seen

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