Mutation Futuristic Car Concept with “Wrinkle” Material

The new single seater electric concept car by South Korean designer Jongpil Shin is expected to take the car designing to the next level. The USP of this compact car design is that it has certain emotional elements which constitute a part of it like the wrinkle that has been incorporated into the overall styling and functionality. Even though it’s a single seater vehicle, it still can accommodate two people easily thus transforming it into a two seater but in the process the wrinkle gets straightened. The wrinkle also helps in protecting the passengers in case of an accident as the same gets swelled up. So, all in all it is an emotionally safe vehicle.

mutation futuristic car concept

mutation futuristic car concept

mutation futuristic car concept

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mutation futuristic car concept

Designer : Jongpil Shin

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2 thoughts on “Mutation Futuristic Car Concept with “Wrinkle” Material

  1. This is a great concept it's a futuristic dune buggy. I like the saftey idea as well, it's like the car is organic and it survives the blows of any on-coming damage.

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