Honda CB750 : The Next Generation of A Smart Bike

Honda CB750 concept is actually a predecessor to the previous 70-80 CB and has reborn as a next generation smart bike with brilliant performance, breaking, handling and technology. This bike holds a 750cc heavy duty four cylinder engine and liquid hydrogen will be used as fuel. Its duel clutch transmission includes features like automatically controlled launch control and grip control for wet days. Honda CB750 features a full on, rear and front electro-magnetic suspension which will ensure less maintenance. An onboard computer allows the user to tune anything from the traction control to the engine. The body and the frame of this bike is a unibody construction manufactured with aluminum and carbon fiber.

honda cb 750 motorcycle concept

honda cb 750 motorcycle concept

Igor explanations:
The CB750 features a full on, front and rear electro-magnetic suspension. It’s less maintenance and can be electronically adjusted for best performance. Bikes sensors will give out a read out every 1/10 of a second and will adjust everything from suspension to the rider’s seat height giving best and safest performance you can get.

honda cb 750 motorcycle concept

The safety, everything you would expect in a motorcycle from 2015. Electronically controlled ABS, Airbag, Traction Control and Steering Damper. The system will also feature a radar technology to sense an upcoming head-on collision and will automatically slow the bike. Of course some of these features can be electronically disabled to suit the rider.

honda cb 750 motorcycle concept

Now the onboard computer, which can be controlled through a 5″ OLED multi touch display positioned right on the fuel tank. There are 3 menus: GPS, Drive modes, diagnostics mode. GPS mode is like your standard GPS that will give you directions and etc, but it will be connected to the internet through Wi-Fi and 3G. This will enable you to find information on the go and implement it to your rout.

honda cb 750 motorcycle concept

honda cb 750 motorcycle concept

honda cb 750 motorcycle concept

honda cb 750 motorcycle concept

Designer : Igor Chak

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Luit Tinke says: April 29, 2009

Great bike! For sure a real nice tribute to the original CB750.

If Honda only had the guts to contact the designer and put this bike in production, that would be fabulous.

stephen russell says: April 30, 2009

Might need to fine tune bike body & use Biofuels until LH2 is more widespread BUT I love the GPS & data displays.

Honda lisc & sell that alone to Victory motorbikes etc & they pay U a Fee.

That alone makes biking worthwhile.

Id add Buddy Seat & side bags for luggage, picnic basket, to make Bike more usable.

Robert says: April 30, 2009

I think methanol would work better than ethanol, and that way there wouldn't be any price drive ups for corn products. I love the design.

Rodd says: May 1, 2009

I agree with Stephen. But instead of ethanol use methanol so no food price increases, love the design. Maybe fuel cell too.

Michiel Mans says: May 1, 2009

A very futuristic bike which none the less looks usable. Love to see more of Mr Chak's work.

V says: November 15, 2009

Shouldn't there be some kind of aerodynamic compensation for the driver's torso? Like a miniwindshield?

varun reddy .B says: November 21, 2009

I love HONDA its realy cool bike


Miles says: December 3, 2009

I like the angular look to it. Gives it shape instead of being almost just a frame.

Sumit shrestha says: January 10, 2010

This is the perfect bike.

madpup says: June 6, 2010

The rider makes the bike top heavy,
not bad for a clown bike but no good for the real bikers, back to the drawing board.

jon says: June 18, 2010

agree with madpup, why is the rider so high off the weight of the bike? also in the picture it looks like the rider is too short for the bike, i dont think his feet will touch the ground.

pardhu says: September 16, 2010

can you tell about magnetic suspension set up in this honda cb 750 bike………i want to know that magnetic suspension system……..

stevecgardiner says: February 10, 2011

I want it!

Steve P says: May 25, 2011

I hope that abomination never sees the light of day

eusoj says: July 27, 2011

this is the future bike honda is the best!

reza says: March 23, 2013

if may send it for me freely.

Darrell K Marchman says: December 4, 2014

WOW,are these for real,electromagnetic motorcycles,what about Dirtbikes, does a person(s) purchase any contact info or catalogs?I want one of these! Cool.

Roshan says: September 15, 2015

What about the windblast encountered? It looks just OK in designs but the practicality of actually riding it is very limited.

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