Honda Air : A Vision Of The Future Vehicle For Aggresive Lifestyle

Honda Air gives you a vision of the future lightweight and alternative fuel performance vehicle for the aggressive lifestyle. Just like its name, this vehicle is powered by a compressed air and pneumatic regulator system, it was inspired by the modern roller coaster as well as skydiving wing-suits. As you can see Air’s cockpit has been designed to provide the passengers maximum open air experience. In order to reduce weight and increase dynamic performance, a hub-less wheel and drive system eliminates the use of heavy drive train components. Glass reinforced seating panels, urethane tire composition and skeletal sub-frame components combine for drastic weight savings. Using a Honda generator / air compressor at home or tire filler at your local filling station, the main tanks and reserves can be filled quickly and safely.

Designer : Honda

Honda Air

Honda Air

Air utilizes turbo vacuums and external air-flow to regenerate tank pressure for extended range and increased boost for an estimated 100 miles. The chassis doubles as the master tank and all components, including seating, are mounted to the central chassis/tank to eliminate redundant structure and reduce overall weight.

Honda Air is very light, at just under 800 lbs., the powerful anthem of pneumatic propulsion and a character unlike any zero-emission vehicle exemplifies Honda’s concept of fun to drive.

Honda Air

Honda Air

Honda Air

Honda Air

Honda Air

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The_Polymath says: November 2, 2010

This is a great design, when do you think this car can be available for commercial purposes, I'd like to invest in the future…?

Stephen Russell says: November 3, 2010

Honda, produce this big time, radical ride.
Make into a 4 seater or sedan model.

the chosen one says: November 7, 2010

no, not 4 seater

THE ONE says: November 7, 2010

IDK for sure, but i think the article said it was imaginative. but i agree with u

Cheshire says: November 7, 2010

Oh look, yet another stupid looking concept car that will never make it into production… We’ll be lucky to see a non-working prototype, but if this is anything like the last 200 concepts, it’ll be made into a Hot Wheels a best.

#1 tuvie fan says: November 21, 2010

Great look. Really stream lined. Hope it’s fast.

M Lo Presti says: March 14, 2011

Hello! My most sincere congratulations of the designs are improved, do not lose that concept.

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