Orange Solar Tent Concept with Various Unique Features

Orange, the renowned UK mobile company, has unveiled this concept camping tent with various unique features. The solar-powered tent contains photovoltaic fabric to generate solar energy, a rocking heated groundsheet, wireless hub and magnetic induction charging pouch. The innovative ‘glo-cation technology’ of this Orange tent will allow the user to identify their tent by using the powers of a cellphone through SMS or RFID technology. Whenever you will active the feature, the motorcycle helmet-shaped tent dome will glow gently, pointing you back to your tent. This tent will offer the required assistance when you are on a holiday, even, you can retreat it to your home turf.

orange solar concept tent

orange solar concept tent

orange solar concept tent

orange solar concept tent

orange solar concept tent

Designer : Orange

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13 thoughts on “Orange Solar Tent Concept with Various Unique Features

  1. hi my name is Matthew smith i am currently making a documentary about up coming new tech that will be coming out soon i was wondering if we may come and film you and ask some questions about the product can you please email me at [email protected]

  2. I really love this design and being a camper myself I know how hard it can be charging devices, getting internet, staying warm and finding my tent after a long night time walk.

    This tent seems to sort it all and some. Really want this and I am keeping an eye out for it.

  3. If i go camping i don't take all the gadgets with me, that's the whole point of camping. If i go camping to a place with lots of tents i'm glad i can find my tent without GPS (unless i'm drunk). But that's just me.

    • could be useful for gatherings! I'm a boyscout and I love good ol' fashioned camping, but this tent would be BITCHIN' for the Joshua Tree Music Festival I went to last year ^^

  4. I love the idea of a warm tent! My husband and I used to "rough it" as campers. Warmth has become so important as we have aged. There are a lot of physically challenged nature lovers that can't afford/don't want trailer camping. This design could be improved with an ergonomically sound sleeping surface.

  5. Hi,
    I like the glow tent, I am curious, have you sold this product ? I haven't heard it . I noticed you haven't reply to some of people in many weeks ago..

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