HARP : Musical Instrument for Urban Parks

Harmony and Acoustic Research Project or HARP is a weather-proof communal musical instrument specially designed for urban parks. Primary goal of this project was to harness the power of music as a universal language which is the most effective way to unite people. This circular innovative musical instrument has a 10 feet circle which encourages the act of interaction and creates a sense of closeness. Installation of this instrument was divided into 4 different quadrants, each with individual sound instruments, electric organ, piano, steel drum and chimes were the initial selection.

However, these sounds are exchangeable and can be adjusted to a range of instruments like digeridoos, sitars or even vocal samples. To coincide with the park’s environment, HARP’s sound output is restricted to 75 decibels, so that only the users and those passing nearby would be able to hear its music. The ultimate vision of HARP is to get it installed in every urban parks all over the world and then be remotely connected through satellite to allow international musical association among its users.

harp musical instrument for urban parks

harp musical instrument for urban parks

harp musical instrument for urban parks

harp musical instrument for urban parks

harp musical instrument for urban parks

harp musical instrument for urban parks

Designer : Dan LaBarca and Jeff Watson

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stephen russell says: August 28, 2009

Bring this to ALL major parks IE NYC CentralPark, Near Music schools, Near colleges,
Malls, Museums, Mobile for Rental use,
Schools, Get non musical types Interactive with musical types & make New Music.
How radical.
Produce this.
Expand this.
Have Musical Dbase to draw from.

Ideal for schoolplaygrounds alone K-12?
High school, Middle school, Jr College.
Adult Ed schools.
For all ages.

Shara says: December 9, 2009

nice so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AL DIFFER says: January 26, 2010

Hello Good People at TUVIE : Greetings from CANADA ! : I am writing to request contact information for the HARMONY AND ACOUSTIC RESEARCH PROJECT as displayed on your website. I am looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks . AL DIFFER

    TheFuture says: January 27, 2010

    @Al : Hi Al, try contacting Dan LaBarca for the update.

Paul Lamarck says: April 2, 2013

So, how does this exactly work? I don’t see any keys to press or strings to strum.

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