Lune Pocket Radio Features Classic Design with Modern Twist

Lune pocket radio has been designed to create a fun and unique interface and a pleasing user interaction experience. The AM/FM radio is stripped of superfluous dials and buttons creating a more elegant and rhythmic design, the product as whole acting as one dynamic control.

The speaker is located on the top surface, a volume dial (a throwback to older models) on the side and a battery pack on the bottom. Overall, the design is minimal and intuitive, when activated a softly lit half moon arc reveals. Simply slide the top back and forth to switch between AM and FM frequencies and rotate to point to the desired radio station.

Designer : Kyle Murphy

Lune Pocket Radio by Kyle Murphy

Lune Pocket Radio by Kyle Murphy

Lune Pocket Radio is powered on and off by pressing the top half down, using a small push-to-release hinge, the radio unlocks allowing it to rotate and move freely, push down again to power off. The radio can be controlled with one hand and is small enough to fit in your pocket with a diameter of 84 mm and a width of 46 mm at its center. With elements of popular pocket radios of the 1960’s and 70’s, lune is modern twist on a classic design.

Lune Pocket Radio by Kyle Murphy

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