Iris Robotic Delivery System Proposal for Amazon

Since Amazon shared its plan to deliver goods using drones, there are many designers around the world want to submit their design proposals for this company future delivery system, such as Ford Autolivery, Delivery Drone concept, or Robot Cargo. One ...
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Vespa Plus : The Next Generation of Italian Electric Scooter by Giorgi Tedoradze

Vespa Plus is a vision of Giorgi Tedoradze about modern Vespa scooter for young generation. Everything started in April 1946 when we first saw Italian brand Vespa. It was a new type of simple scooter and it soon became popular. But now everything ch...
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Futuristic Drone Taxi to Solve Traffic Jam in Big Cities

Futuristic Drone Taxi, it’s a concept transportation to solve traffic jam in big cities. HoverSurf has a vision that sometime in the future, we might see flying taxis in our sky, that would be a common way to commute. Internally, this drone is equi...
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Muadib : Futuristic Desert Transportation Looks Like a Cruise Ship

Created as a special desert transportation, Muadib looks like a cruise ship in the middle of desert. This concept transportation is designed for tourists who would be able to enjoy the sun and magnificent desert in comfort while keeping themselves pr...
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Futuristic Mars Rover Concept Vehicle : The Next Generation of Space Explorers

NASA has revealed its latest Mars Rover Concept Vehicle, it looks like something out of this world. Featuring impressive 28-feet long with the lab attached, 14-feet wide, and 11-feet tall, this vehicle is designed with massive, heavy-duty wheels, whi...
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Kiwano KO1 Monowheel Electric Scooter with Adjustable Power and Speed

Simple scooter with a powerful electric motor, Kiwano KO1 Monowheel Electric Scooter offers natural responsive body control and smooth braking. As personal vehicle, this scooter is pretty reliable, it features a long range battery pack, water-resista...
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BMW Motorrad Concept Link : Freedom to Move and Stay Connected

In the big city where there are a lot of new things waiting to be discover at every corner, BMW Motorrad Concept Link offers you freedom to move from one place to another, quickly. This new concept vehicle aims to answer the challenge of urban mobili...
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MyersMoto Air : One-Seater Concept Electric Vehicle with Warning Sounds

MyersMoto Air is a concept one-seater electric vehicle for busy city streets. Most one-seater electric cars are designed to be fast, quiet, and nimble, this might lead to an accident. This concept project aims to provide rider with an electric vehicl...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Green, Transportation

Fish Mail Delivery Car for More Efficient Delivery Service

In some developed countries, there are still many people live in hard-to-reach area. Delivery couriers have to use smaller, civilian vehicles to deliver variety of goods, so the delivery efficiency is not really that high, as well as the service qual...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Futuristic Car, Transportation

Volocopter 2X : All Electric Multicopter for Future Flying Taxi

Volocopter 2X, a vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) multicopter that is all electric that can accommodate up to 2 passengers. This concept transportation aims to enter flying taxi market, maybe in not too distant future. This transportation is capa...
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HSP “Solar Skin” – A Futuristic Quantum Age Concept Airplane by Oscar Vinals

In his attempt to revolutionize air transportation, Oscar Viñals has come up with many futuristic transportation design such as XLDron, AWWA Sky Whale, or Flash Falcon. This time, he submitted his latest project to Tuvie, HSP "Solar Skin" - Quantum ...
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Cycleboard Stand-Up Electric Vehicle With Lean-to-Steer Design

Designed for all type of riders, Cycleboard Stand-Up Electric Vehicle is perfect for both conservative and extremely aggressive riders. It’s a 3-wheel personal vehicle that features lean-to-steer platform, everyone can ride it, regardless the age, ...
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Futuristic Bell Helicopter FCX-001 Concept Aircraft Features A Single Pilot Seat and Spacious Cabin

Bell Helicopter has unveiled their vision for future rotorcraft, FCX-001 Concept Aircraft is the first concept from the company that presents a 3D roadmap that provides you with safer, smarter, and more efficient rotorcraft solutions. A group of engi...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Transportation

Futuristic Airbus Pop.Up Modular Electric Vehicle Is Designed to Relieve Traffic Congestion

Airbus Pop.Up offers futuristic concept modular vehicle that functions as both air and ground transportation to reduce traffic congestion. This is the result when aerospace and automotive engineers work together to rethink smart urban mobility of the...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Transportation

POUNCER Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV) is An Edible Drone

First time ever, there’s an UAV that we can eat. Pouncer is an edible concept drone, designed to deliver food to those in desperate need. In the event of natural disaster in difficult-to-reach places, aid is usually dropped from planes with parachu...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Food and Drink, Transportation

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