Futuristic Bell Helicopter FCX-001 Concept Aircraft Features A Single Pilot Seat and Spacious Cabin

Bell Helicopter has unveiled their vision for future rotorcraft, FCX-001 Concept Aircraft is the first concept from the company that presents a 3D roadmap that provides you with safer, smarter, and more efficient rotorcraft solutions. A group of engi...
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Futuristic Airbus Pop.Up Modular Electric Vehicle Is Designed to Relieve Traffic Congestion

Airbus Pop.Up offers futuristic concept modular vehicle that functions as both air and ground transportation to reduce traffic congestion. This is the result when aerospace and automotive engineers work together to rethink smart urban mobility of the...
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POUNCER Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV) is An Edible Drone

First time ever, there’s an UAV that we can eat. Pouncer is an edible concept drone, designed to deliver food to those in desperate need. In the event of natural disaster in difficult-to-reach places, aid is usually dropped from planes with parachu...
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SRT05e : Spark Racing Technology Formula E Concept Car

In 2013, Spark Racing Technology was appointed by FIA as the car supplier for Formula E Championship since the first season. But in 2016, FIA put chassis supply for season 5 out to tender. The engineers of Spark has taken its 4 years with Formula E c...
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M.E.V. – Futuristic Exploration Track Vehicle for Mars

The Mars Exploration Vehicle (M.E.V.) is a visionary mobility concept, which has been designed for the needs of future Martian scientists in 2055. The vehicle's design aims to keep the passengers safe while exploring the rough Mars terrain. The MEV's...
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CERO e-Tricycle Features Low Center of Gravity, Adjustable Seating, and Back Support

Featuring unique frame with low step and nice lower sitting position, CERO e-tricycle is definitely not like other tricycles on the market. By creating low gravity center, a comfortable seating with back support and steering in front, this vehicle pr...
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Ford “Autolivery” Self-Driving Delivery Concept Van with Drones

Ford has a vision what’s going to be like in the “City of Tomorrow”. Drones would play an important part in this modern phenomenon, Ford Autolivery is a concept delivery van that work together with drones to improve mobility in future urban are...
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Futuristic Spaceship for Researchers by Evgeny Park and Vladislav Solovjov

This futuristic spaceship has been designed specifically for researchers. This is a passion project from Evgeny Park and Vladislav Solovjov, the idea was to create a spaceship that could fly in space and atmosphere, at the same time, it can carry up ...
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MCC2322 Off-road Exploration Rover for Mars by Yohan Benchetrit

MCC2322 is an off-road exploration rover for Mars. It was designed for cliff climbing in extreme environments like Olympus Mons. If the vehicle is returned upside down, the frame articulations allows it to get back on its four wheels. The spherical c...
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Nomic Autonomous Vehicle: Check in And Enjoy The Ride!

Nomic is a concept of a self-driving car. It questions the way how those vehicles can be designed. Of course, it's electric. The concepts stand for an easy to use self-explaining traveling. Just hold your phone to the car door, get in and after you s...
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Vultran Tyger 1: Futuristic Hybrid Piloted Drone Powered by Gas Turbine Engines

A piloted drone, Vultran Tyger 1 is a futuristic aircraft inspired by advanced fighter jet, rotorcraft, and of course, drone technologies. Powered by a Vultran TM109, it is gas turbine power plants with four high output brushless electric AC inductio...
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PodRacer : Futuristic Next Century Racing Concept by Teodoro Ragazzi

Pod Racer is a futuristic vision of the next century racing, it looks like something from a sci-fi movie. This futuristic vehicle features sleek and spaceship-like design, we really love the combination of red and black colors, and maybe it’s also ...
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Volvo Globetrotter 2050 Concept Truck Offers Better Environment for Long Distance Truck Drivers

Volvo Globetrotter is a concept truck for the year of 2050. Designed as a project study for Volvo UK in 2014. You can read the designer’s explanation below: I was lucky enough to win the competition and go to Gothenburg, Sweden to meet the Volvo d...
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Slim Ride : Public Transportation System for The City of Auckland

Slim Ride is a driverless, electrical rail system concept based on multiple small cabins with an extremely narrow (1.2m) footprint specifically designed for the city of Auckland. It can adjust to the changing infrastructure requirements offering very...
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Titan Futuristic Construction Vehicle for The Year of 2050

Titan is a futuristic outlook of construction vehicle for the year of 2050. By 2050, most of people will be living in urban area and due to this increasing population, the cities have to be expanded. Here comes the importance of construction. Unlike ...
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