Honda Wander Concepts Are Honda’s Vision of Mobility for The Future

Introduced at the Tokyo Motor Show 2015, Honda Wander vehicles are concept mobility designed based on idea that people should be able to move freely with a simple mobile vehicle. These micro vehicles offer its rider a new way to pursue the joy and freedom of mobility, wander as in wander around freely. This project consists of 2 models: Wander Walker and Wander Stand. The Wander Walker has been designed to be slim and to freely maneuver among pedestrians, it looks like scooter with leather wr...
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Skreemr Concept Aircraft Features On-Rocket Space Launch System

Skreemr is a concept aircraft that could be the future of high speed aircrafts, it is designed to be launched at very high speed thanks to a magnetic railgun launching system. It is highly possible that we might be able to witness this concept turns into reality, right now, Scramjet engine designs are being developed by US and China. It might take years to see them on factory-built military drones, however, we believe that in not so distant future, these engines could be used to fly passengers a...
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Vehicle-Launched Bridge Creates A Temporary Bridge for Faster and Safer Rescue Operation

There are still many places in South of China have to suffer from flood disaster during rainy seasons where roads tend to be blocked and bridges are broken. This condition makes it hard to perform rescue operation or material delivery, that’s why Vehicle-Launched Bridge would be a nice solution. It’s a special vehicle that creates a temporary bridge quickly by deformation, combination, and assembly. The width of the bridge is adjustable to enable rescue operation easier and safer. Designe...
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Ocean Algae Harvester for Better Marine Life

Some algae are harmless but some of them can contain toxins or other noxious chemicals. However, when there’s a rapid increase in the population of algae, it might cause problems to the existing ecosystems. Algae Sea Harvester is a conceptual machine that addresses this environmental problem. By removing the abundance population of algae, nutrients and toxins in the water are reduced, thus the spread of anoxic sediments can be prevented, resulting better reproduction of fish. This condition wo...
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GinzVelo Hybrid Bicycle Offers New Way to Cruise Around The City

Peter Ginzburg designed and developed GinzVelo to change how we travel in cities and suburbs. It’s a combination of pedal and electric power, giving you ultimate bike driving experience, yep, he claims that this bike moves as fast as a car. At first sight, the unusual shape might make you wonder, this vehicle has been designed to be safe, efficient, and healthy, even though it looks like a spaceship, basically it’s an advanced bicycle. Powered by human, assisted by electricity, this bike int...
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DeepFlight Dragon Persoal Electric Submarine Gives You The Freedom to Explore The Deep Blue Sea

Hover and fly underwater with DeepFlight Dragon Personal Electric Submarine. The company claims that this vehicle would be the easiest submarine to pilot, taking you underwater to the next level for awesome experience, explore the deep blue sea, the freedom is yours. Just like all DeepFlight crafts, Dragon submarine has fixed positive buoyancy where it will always float back to the surface naturally. This means no drop weight, no variable ballast system, simply safe underwater exploration. Dr...
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City Commuter Vehicle Concept for The City of London

Taking place at Coventry University, City Commuter Vehicle concept is a second year group project. It’s a single seat hydrogen powered quadricycle, designed specifically for the city of London where currently cars are the reason for more than 50% of CO2 emissions. This project aims to reduce 60% CO2 emission by the time we reach 2025. This vehicle has been designed to be used as sharing vehicle giving ¼ of the working population commutes around 10-20km per day. It’s an EV aims to carve t...
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Nissan Tama-Go : Futuristic Single-Person Vehicle Concept for Tokyo in 2040

Taking place in Tokyo, in the year of 2040, Nissan Tama-Go is a futuristic single-person transportation concept that takes inspiration from Japanese video games’ characters. Tokyo was chosen from this scenario due to its high suburban population and its highest transit system in the world. The design research began with the world of robots and video games, the designer wanted to create a futuristic yet friendly vehicle. The side frame of the front glass window is equipped with a set of ligh...
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Matani Eco Car Concept for Rural Sub-Saharan Africa

Matani is an eco vehicle dedicated to operate on rural Sub-Saharan Africa. This project won the Best Eco Interior of the Car Design Awards Global 2015 competition. This project main goal is to open new prospect of design field in the third world countries, creating a system that brings wildland designs to a new era by not only creating a masterpiece but also a practical infrastructure. The design team was sent to Africa voluntarily where they could do extensive researches and communicate with ac...
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Infento Constructible Rides – Build Unlimited Real Rides for Children

This is like a big Lego, Infento Constructible Rides is a set of unique kit where you can construct your unique ride. Seriously, just one kit and one tool, you will get unlimited real rides for both you and your kid. Each part has been designed to be multi-functional and multi-adjustable, this means when your children outgrow the ride, simply build a new ride. This awesome project gives your children fun childhood in building and riding super cool rides, anytime you want a new ride, simply rebui...
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ATX 8080 All Electric Motoscooter Powered by KLDOneDrive and Samsung SDI Technology

Go Green, ATX 8080 is an all-electric motoscooter powered by KLD oneDrive and Samsung SDI technology to bring you clean, eco-friendly urban transportation. It’s a fully electric, American made vehicle with few moving parts, there’s nothing to break, so you don’t have to worry about it, no gas, no gears, no oil, easy to maintain, all you need to do is enjoy the fun ride. The internal components are fully sealed with all-weather construction, no combustible fuels. The unique urban design ...
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Twister Off-Road Vehicle Concept by Hankil Moon

There’s a famous two horns mountain (Yang-kak-san) in Korea with off road area that became the inspiration of this off-road vehicle: Twister. The environment has several challenges: rocky road, steep hill, and cross the river. From the very start, this vehicle was designed to meet 3 requirements: It has to have a minimum velocity of 20km/h in hardcore courses The design exposes rider to the nature The seat needs to be reactive the ground in order to let driver feel the terrain De...
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CARGO “Everything Everywhere” : 3 Wheeled All-Terrain Vehicle for South East Asia Environments

Cargo “Everything Everywhere” is a concept vehicle dedicated for South East Asia because the territory is rich of different scenarios and environments. Due to Western influence and significant influx of tourists, these areas are evolving rapidly, especially in big cities or areas near tourist attractions. However, there’s a big percentage of wild land remains untouched and there’s a large part of population still resides in these places, living in harmony with nature where infrastructure...
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NEO: Multi-Purpose Agricultural Vehicle Features Joystick Controls and Ergonomic Cockpit

As our technology progress is getting faster and faster, so does automotive world. Zishan Pathan, an automotive designer, wants to apply the same principle when designing NEO, he wanted to give a new face to agricultural tractors. This project is about designing a multi-purpose agricultural vehicle, as we know, tractor layout has been almost the same since the first day it’s created. NEO wants to change the stereotypical appearance while enhance the functionality. NEO is designed with 4x4 i...
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Mignon Trash Carrier by Elson Tan

How to design a garbage truck that doesn’t look disgusting? Perhaps this is the idea behind Mignon. It’s a modern mini trash carrier designed not only to carry your trash in style but also enhance the overall environment. This vehicle encourages people to throw their garbage at designated areas so that workers can easily travel around with Mignon and collect trashes from those specific areas. Designer : Elson Tan (more…)...
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