Lumir C: Candle Powered LED Lamp Anytime, Anywhere

After traveling throughout India, the design team of Lumir realized the seriousness of blackouts. There are many households in developing countries that rely on candle lights even though they are still too dark to lead an everyday life. Lumir C is a candle powered LED lamp that aims to light up the world, it doesn’t require any batteries or plugs, just use a candle to enjoy bright LED lamp. U...
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Green Eudemon Is a Conceptual Forest Monitoring System to Prevent Forest Fires

Every year there are more than 50,000 forest fires occurring all over the world, this is a serious problem since forest is an essential habitat for wildlife, produces oxygen that we breathe, controls pollution, and prevents erosion. Green Eudemon has been designed to monitor the forest, each unit can cover a large area to protect the forest in the event of fire. Conventional satellite monitoring, ...
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Bobbing Forrest : Miniature Trees Floating on Water by Jorge Bakker

Bobbing Forrest is an innovative green project for Rotterdam. Designed by Jorge Bakker, this project aims to raise the question about relationship between city dweller and nature. Bakker himself is known for his sculpture and installations that have an architectural impact, just like these miniature trees floating on water. Jeroen Everaert, Anne van der Zwaag (art historian and cultural entreprene...
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AEQUOREA 3D Printed Oceanscraper – Futuristic Underwater Urbanization

Introducing Aequorea, 3D-printed oceanscraper from the seventh continent’s garbage. Designed by Vincent Callebaut, this futuristic structure is an underwater farm that draws its name from a light-emitting jellyfish characterized by its tentacles. These tentacles help it to swim and ensure its stability while producing its own energy. Printed in 3D from algoplast, a composite material made fro...
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Cascaqua 3D Printed Home Aquaponics System by Avoq

Download Cascaqua and create your own home aquaponics system, this is a cool 3D printed mini-aquaponics system for small living space to promote sustainable technology and healthy living. It features a closed loop ecologically balanced system by combining cultivation of plants without soil and cultivation of fish (hydroponics and aquaculture). This ecological system works together where plants car...
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Skypak La Barrique Trolley Features Old Oak Barrel Covering

Skypak La Barrique Edition is a special designed trolley made with old wine barrel. An old oak barrel protects wine so that it could take its time to mellow for several years. After this barrel has done its job, it can also be a perfect object for another assignment, which is a nice covering for modern wine trolleys or coolers. These barrels are robust and due to their rolling system, they are pre...
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Designer Turns Plastic Trash into Beautiful, Functional Objects

Submitted by Carter Zufelt, this project is about creating beauty out of a unique recycling process. It started 2 years ago as his Senior Thesis in Industrial Design, Müll is a sustainable project with a goal to reduce plastic waste in our environment. Through a special process, the beauty of recycling is preserved and incorporated into functional objects; each piece will be 100-percent made in U...
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Eco Mushroom : Solar Street Light with Pollution Absorber

The roads are a highly polluted zone and cause serious health hazards. The polluted air rises up and spread across to create a blanket of toxic atmosphere. Pollution absorber systems can do some good work. The ideal candidate for placing such a system is the street light; due to its location and height. The Eco Mushroom is a compact design for a solar powered street light equipped with CO2 Scru...
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LM3D Swim : World’s First 3D-Printed Car Series by Local Motors

LM3D Swim is the world’s first 3D printed car series released by Local Motors. This concept project is showcased to the automotive world at SEMA in Las Vegas 2015. In just less than 4 months after revealing designs for next gen 3D-printed car, this company unveils LM3D Swim, it’s a fully approved 3D printed car, designed to be safe, smart, and sustainable. The company says that they would begi...
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BU Water : Sustainable Filtered Water Bottle to Reduce Plastic Waste

BU Water is an elegantly designed water bottle that features a natural bamboo filter to purify tap water. Each bottle has been designed carefully from its cup-like lip to its elegant shape that can accommodate up to 700ml of crisp filtered water. It’s a great alternative to single use plastic bottles. Keep your body hydrated wherever you are, don’t worry about unhealthy tap water, the filter w...
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Ocean Algae Harvester for Better Marine Life

Some algae are harmless but some of them can contain toxins or other noxious chemicals. However, when there’s a rapid increase in the population of algae, it might cause problems to the existing ecosystems. Algae Sea Harvester is a conceptual machine that addresses this environmental problem. By removing the abundance population of algae, nutrients and toxins in the water are reduced, thus the s...
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Droponic Features Hydroponic Technology to Grow Your Plants

Droponic allows you to plant your own greens regardless the space available in your home, apartment, or condo. You can grow fresh greens smart way and effortless, thanks to its compact size, you can place the pot in the kitchen countertop, by the window, balcony, or on the dining table. It features hydroponic technology, a method of growing plants in water without soil. The roots are suspended in ...
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Solar-powered Desert Retreat for Wealthy UAE Residents

Solar-powered Desert Retreat would emerge as a luxury desert eco-retreat. United Arab Emirates is one of richest countries with luxury private jets, supercars, and superyachts, now, these wealthy UAE residents would be able to enjoy luxury yet sustainable trend. This eco desert retreats would emerge amongst new generation of Emiratis. Baharash Architecture were tasked to design a luxury desert ...
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Looncup Smart Menstrual Cup Tracks Your Fluid Volume, Color, and Cycle

Menstruation is no fun, ask that to any woman, except when they wish not to get pregnant, in this case, they would love having their period on that month. Menstrual cup has been around for years, it’s low cost, easy-to-use, and safe, unfortunately, there’s not much change in the design. So, the team from Loon Lab wants to incorporate our modern technology into this conventional product, adding...
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Wearable Solar Shirt by Pauline van Dongen

In collaboration with Holst Centre, Pauline van Dongen has designed Wearable Solar Shirt. It’s a shirt that incorporates 120 thin film solar cells combined with standardized functional modules of Holst Centre’s stretchable interconnect technology, making it possible to integrate electronics into fabrics. The result is an attractive t-shirt for everyday wear with solar panels and flexible elect...
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