Conceptual Playstation 4 with Glass Touchscreen Panel

The Playstation 4 concept was inspired by the massive popularity of its previous versions, while featuring much more functionalities than any other versions of playstation users have encountered. The first notable feature is the cool, transparent appearance of both the joysticks and the main unit. The transparent area of both elements comprises touch buttons for operating the device and the glossy black round compartment is to place the discs of your choice. Playstation 4 will give the gamer a u...
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CubeTots : Educational Cubes Game for Children

CubeTots is a simple game that can teach children shape matching color identification, character development, alphabet and number reconviction, and sensory skills through vibrations, lights and counting. The shapes can be stack up in any way as the children want and they will get only ten seconds to stack them up numerically or alphabetically, before the toy will start vibrating and the whole stake fall down. This is only one phase of the game; there are many other alternatives of playing the ga...
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Tilt-N-Play Toy to Help Developing Basic Skills for Children

The Tilt n’ Play concept features two different stages to help developing the basic skills of Children, first one is Music Mode and another is Alphabet mode. Since these two modes come in different attachments, children will have the freedom to choose any of the modes when they want to play. The toy includes two games, each with the ability to develop hand-eye coordination a d sensory skills of your child. During the game, the child will be notified by the game whether he or she is doing right...
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Carbon Chessboard by Dominik Scheurer & Partner

This innovative carbon chessboard is the world’s first carbon built chessboard specially designed by formula F1 designer Dominik Scheurer and his partner. The board is made of high quality steel feet, sterling silver, 24 carat gold and other carbon fiber materials. The exclusiveness of this unique design has achieved by the combination of high quality materials that are normally used in aerospace or motorsport objects. The dimension of the chessboard is 520mm X 520mm X 50mm which is made of 10...
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Luxury Green Teckell by Adriano Design for B.Lab Italia

Teckell is offering their superb playing field with essential forms and pure design, which is completely made of crystal and characterizing its outstanding statuettes in aluminum and elegant transparency. From Adriano Design collaboration with B.lab Italia and through an ongoing environmentally conscience research, Green Teckell is born; a truly original lifestyle and luxury design. This limited edition inserts itself as the first of a new generation of B.lab’s best seller Teckell Collection. ...
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Step Up : Rehabilitation Aid and A Game

Step Up is a brilliant catalyst for exploring creativity and building physical strength by functioning as a physical rehabilitation as well as a game. Set Up is designed to be used easily at home which incorporates an inflatable rug and a belt to wear for the players and includes various play methods, games and rehabilitation programs. Players can communicate with the main system through the adjustable rubber-line belt gadget for various body sizes. When the players make some movements on the...
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Augmented Reality Toy by Frantz Lasorne

The development of recent gaming industry can be realized with the different available gaming platforms. Augmented reality toy is the final Master thesis of a French Designer, Frantz Lasorne, which will surely blow people away. This concept design will provide tangible reality gaming experience that will offer both virtual and physical aspects to the gamers. These types of objects are quite familiar with us by the widespread of the recent imaginary science fiction movies. But if Lasorne can comp...
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Dartsmate Pro : Future Scoring in Dart Gaming ?

Dart and bingo games is classic games that last forever. Check this new concept of scoring equipment which is used across Europe and America for the darts and bingo market. This concept by HJC Design has additional gaming features to be used by professionals. This scoring equipment has fully understanding user interface and working. HJC has designed it in a way that it is adaptable to accept future gaming styles. It has clean and comfy look that enhances the performance of the displays. It is go...
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Unique Transparent Chess Set

Want to play that chess game and don't know how to play it? The new glass chess conceptual design is sure a God send for you! Each piece of this chess set is contained in a cylinder which turns opaque when removed from the board. The same turns transparent again when they are put back down in one of the squares. This shows that the chess pieces have no value unless one plays with it. So it sure is a pretty sight and a useful tutorial tool as well. So go ahead. Check mate! Designer : Yas...
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Nintendo Wii in 2010

The Nintendo Wii have revolutionized the way we know gaming but now it seems they are taking the same to the next level. After story about xbox 360 phone, now how about a mind-controlled game that Nintendo is proposing? T3 gives a little clue that all you have is a headset accessory that uses brainwaves to control characters and features immersing in-ear headphones. So just imagine a streamlined Wii emote with just one button, which you point and press and rest your brain takes over. Though brai...
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Xbox 360 Hybrid Mobile Phone, All in One

If you are craving for something different and funky, then Xbox360 mobile is surely for you. A talented artist of British Magazine T3 has put together his innovative ideas for bringing out this sexy Xbox360 Mobile. The idea is definitely interesting and attractive for all game-lovers as the name itself involves a gaming world. The proposed design is pleasant and including everything in it starting from games to music and a mobile phone. It has 64 GB of memory and with amazing graphics. So, now y...
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Luxurious Cyrstal Foosball Table from Teckell

We have posted about futuristic eleven football table, but this Foosball or Table Football is more luxurious. Foosball is a table top game based on soccer and is primarily played in US and Canada. The game is played with rods wherein the key is to score goals at the opponent. Even though the first foosball table was designed in the 1890's, and many have been designed after tat but the one designed by Teckell collection is worth a mention as the same is elegant and luxurious. These tables come...
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11 The New Beautiful and Elegant Football Table

The classic football table has never been received any attention of designer in recent years. While the football stadium is getting more and more architectural and sculptural beautiful. The image of classic football table is no longer fits in with the designed landscape of modern interiors, this is where GRO design and Tim modelmakers propose their modern and elegant concept of the new football table, called 11. The table is named after the number of players on each side, the term 'the beautiful...
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A Clock On The Side and A Chess Game on The Other

Combining two function into one smart device. The digital clock has some funky interface design, great choice for young people. When you turn around the clock, you'll see that there is a chess set on the other side. The chess pieces each are individually hand lathed and stored in a neat casing which you can slot within the set. Designer : Huang Zi...
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World’s Lightest Chessboard

A good news for chess lovers and at the same time travelers too, this is the world's lightest game board, an inventive breakthrough in play on flat surfaces. It allows flat game pieces to stand up on the board with a full 3-D effect. The pieces can't be blown away or shaken out! The pieces move only when you want to move them. Another design innovation allows a checker piece to turn into a king simply by rotating it to show its crown. New Wave tm Chess & Checkers is highly portable...
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