SQ’EEZY Wireless Mouse by Bharat Jayagopal

SQ’EEZY wireless mouse concept was designed with the goal to create a mouse that would separate itself from other boring and dull computer mouse. Judging by the look, it seems more comfortable to use compared to my apple magic mouse. Yes, apple magic mouse is sleek and elegant, yet the biggest issue is that magic mouse doesn’t contour to the user’s hand, resulting pain in my wrist. Designed by Bharat Jayagopal, SQ’EEZY is not only a computer mouse but also a squeeze toy that helps you re...
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We Dare You To Roll DiceForChange!

We dare you to roll the DiceForChange. This dice design is an ingenious project to make each and everyone of us a better person. How? Well, the challenge is simple, for every single day, you have to do one act of kindness. We believe that many of us strive to be a better person, to be more kind to one another to make the world we live in a better place. These 3 dice of DiceForChange has been designed to motivate and help you to start taking action on what you care about. Simply roll the dice to ...
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Xbox 360 Wireless Speed Wheel : Intuitive Steering with Motion Sensors

Experience the real thrill of steering and feel every wallop in the road with the new Xbox 360 Wireless Speed Wheel. It is more manageable, simple and lightweight in construction featuring an oversized trigger behind each grip. The Xbox 360 wireless wheel stays compatible with your desired racing games, allowing you to take complete control of the game using intuitive buttons and triggers for gas and brake. While the right prong features 4 face buttons, there’s a D-pad onto the left. The trigg...
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Pockit Revolutionary Gaming Console Concept Enhances Social Engagement

Even though, the recent gaming industry has been diversified to a higher level than ever, gamers all through the world has one thing in common, while playing a game, they are not able to get their eyes off from the gaming screen. Adam Henriksson in collaboration with Nicklas "Nifflas" Nygren and the Copenhagen Game Collective has designed this next generation gaming device that can make a notable difference, Pockit. Designer : Adam Henriksson (more…)...
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Safe Spark : Protective Sparkler Holder for Children by Kathleen Carron

Based on National Fire Protection Association, each year, sparklers cause more than 1,100 injuries where half of fireworks injuries sustained by children under 5 years of age. With this in mind, Kathleen Carron, an industrial designer, has come up with Safe Spark, a protective sparkler holder for children. As you already know, a hand held firework burns at a temperature of 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit only few inches away from children’s hand. Using this cone shaped holder, children can hold spark...
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Baboo Wooden Clips by Shahaf Ben Abu

Baboo wooden clips project is the final project design of an Israeli modern industrial designer, Shahaf Ben Abu of Hadassah College. It’s a mobile kit of wooden clips in different shapes and sizes. At first look, these wooden clips look like ordinary clothespins, but if you take a closer look, they are designed for children to play with. These clips can be used to hold children’s drawings and bring them to life. It allows unique and rich expression of the children when it’s used as puppets...
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Adoodle Creativity Enhancer Allows Children To Express Themself Through Its 3D Digital Canvas

Adoodle is a new creativity enhancing tool for kids aged 3-7 years old. It encourages them to explore their environment and interact with other children by providing an object with which they can express themselves through drawings. Adoodle Creativity Enhancer provides a 3D digital canvas that allows children to express themselves without the typical constraints of a rectangular screen. Designer : Alejandra Castelao (more…)...
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Limited Edition Xbox 360 Kinect Star Wars Features A White Kinetic Sensor, Custom-Designed Console and Controller

This is the first time the Limited Edition Xbox 360 Kinect Star Wars comes with a white Kinect Sensor together with a custom-designed console plus controller. Involve yourself deep into the star wars characters like R2-D2 and C-3PO as you’ve always dreamed of. Some of the intriguing features of the limited edition star wars bundle include a 320 GB hard drive, which is the largest hard drive offered on Xbox 360, a wired headset plus Xbox LIVE token for downloadable content. The bundle includes ...
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Arch Rival Playground Equipment Design For The Park

Arch Rival game design was inspired by the Olympic Games, very competitive yet safe, because this game is meant for children. The game comprises of 2 sides (red and blue), where the objective is to flick moveable discs along arched poles into your opponents score zone (at the base of each arch) while protecting your own score zone. The competitive nature of this game drives children to be active, therefore improving fitness while having fun. A perfect game for playground. Designer : Josh Hodg...
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Power Tower Wooden Toy Design by DesignNobis

Dr. Hakan Gursu, an exceptional product designer, instructor in METU and CEO of Designnobis has come up with an excellent project, Power Tower. It is a wooden toy set meant for children aged 5 and above, who relish making sand palaces on the beach. There are totally 37 diverse pieces within a set, consisting of 3 trees, 7 domes, 6 columns, 15 facades, 2 bridges as well as 4 roofs. Kids, most of whose favorite pass time is playing with toys can build their own towers as well as castles. The size ...
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Gobug Toy Interactive Toy For Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder To Better Connect With The World Around Them

For kids with Autism Spectrum Disorder, an interactive toy named Gobug has been designed. It helps facilitate a comprehensive social learning experience, not just for children but individuals of all ages. At a time, around 2-3 children can play with his toy simultaneously. Every user has takes ownership of a single controller. While each user points out his/her remote in a particular direction, the Gobug moves around in the combined direction of active controllers. The more these controllers are...
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Teckell by Adriano Design Is Made Entirely of Crystal Glass

Teckell stays unique for its lucidity, its clean lines and its refined aluminum cast figurines. Made completely from crystal glass, Teckell was intentionally designed to wow the community and grab the attention of people towards a brand that was premiering at Milan Salone del Mobile. Well, it was certainly challenging to bend the rules entirely via a game furniture piece, turning a football table into an elegant furniture piece that could boast heavily in a sitting a room. Although the football ...
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Osim Curve Health And Fitness Concept Makes Exercising Efficient Yet Playful Event

Osim Curve is an innovative health and fitness product concept that can be an ideal solution for those who want to become fit, but are unwilling to bear the hassle of tough exercises. This product can be introduced to a health-conscious yet reluctant-to-exercise person as a fun toy, as an exciting sea surfing board with the mission to catch as much fishes (the projected numbers) as they can within a preset timing. The mini light projectors have been fitted on the below surface of the board and t...
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Razer Ferox Tiny But Mighty Speaker For Mobile Gamers

Holding a unique name, Razer Ferox is an ultra portable stereo speaker that intends to prove the world that size isn’t a matter at all. Physically more petite than any other stereo speakers available out there, Razer assures that the user will have an out of this world experience with a sonic attack like none other. Despite its form factor, Razer surprises the user by delivering 3600-degrees of omni-directional acoustics. Razer Ferox is a sophisticated, contemporary day boombox for games, as s...
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Little Mermaid Inflatable Water Toy For Wheelchair-Bound Children

Limited legs movement should not stop children to have fun playing in water. Cute Little Mermaid is an inflatable water toy that has been designed for wheelchair-bound children who can’t use their legs freely. Children can move this toy forward by turning the wheel with their hands; it’s a fun water toy. It provides exercise for the arms and helps with muscle development, while the gentle movement of the legs in the water is good for physical rehabilitation. Hopefully Little Mermaid provides...
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