Trapéze Kettle by Fraser Leid

In order to promote efficiency by expanding an electric kettle lifespan, Trapéze Kettle has been designed to show you how reduction could be a viable solution for future products. This concept kettle strips away the design principals of modern electric kettles, eliminating the extent of manufacturing process behind it. The designer wants to establish a simple interpretation, staying closer to tra...
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Luxury Limited Edition Cocktail Hamper from Rolls-Royce

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars is a luxurious car brand known worldwide, it seems that the company wants to provide you not only with luxury vehicle but also a cocktail hamper. This luxury limited edition cocktail hamper has been designed to meet the needs of consumers who wish to relax and enjoy a little beyond of traditional glass of champagne. This hamper is the result of Rolls-Royce attention to detai...
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Hamilton Beach Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker (25490A) for Easy and Quick Breakfast

When single sandwich maker is not enough, here’s Hamilton Beach Breakfast Dual Sandwich Maker (25490A). Enjoy homemade breakfast sandwich in less than 5 minutes, from now on, you can forget fast food drive through, make your own sandwich with ingredients of your choice. Place your sandwich in the bottom layer, then continue with other ingredients, you can also place the egg on cooking plate and ...
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Teforia Intelligent Infuser by Allen Han

Most of us make tea simply by dropping a tea bag in some boiling water. We don’t know that a perfect cup of tea should be made different ways depending on the tea leaves. In fact, in China, it is widely believed that the second or third brew of fine tea is the best. Teforia is an intelligent infuser that uses advanced algorithms to provide you with rich and bold cup of tea. Designed by Allen Han...
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Coleman Fold N Go Instastart Grill Features Foldable Design for Easy Transport

Grilling is a part of outdoor adventures, that’s why high portability is an essential feature when searching for your outdoor gear, just like Coleman Fold N Go Instastart Grill. Take it along with you for roadtrips, camping, tailgating, picnic, and more, its unique folding design makes it sleek and compact to transport as well as to store. Regardless its folding design, this grill is actually la...
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Norlan Whisky Glass Offers You a Perfect Whisky Drinking Experience

Whisky is a distilled alcoholic beverage made up of hundreds of compounds, and just like wine, with proper aeration the volatile undesirable elements would evaporate faster than desirable, aromatic, flavorful ones, giving you concentration of the aromatics. Norlan Whisky Glass has been carefully designed and developed to offer you a perfect whisky drinking experience through the combination of des...
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BU Water : Sustainable Filtered Water Bottle to Reduce Plastic Waste

BU Water is an elegantly designed water bottle that features a natural bamboo filter to purify tap water. Each bottle has been designed carefully from its cup-like lip to its elegant shape that can accommodate up to 700ml of crisp filtered water. It’s a great alternative to single use plastic bottles. Keep your body hydrated wherever you are, don’t worry about unhealthy tap water, the filter w...
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Stylish Kole Thermal Flask to Carry Your Espresso or Whiskey

Carry your whisky or espresso in style, Kole offers you a stylish thermal flask. It is beautifully handcrafted with stainless steel with wood finish, resulting in modern product with warm touch. Kole would keep your whiskey or espresso hot for your commute, it’s been known for years that flasks have been subtle and sophisticated way to carry your drink of choice, well, this time, you can take th...
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Social Shot Mobile Bar-Tending-Robot Makes Your Drink Based on Your Personality

It looks like in the future, we won’t be needing a bartender to make our drinks. The Social Shot is a concept mobile bar-tending-robot that makes your drink by computing personality profiled based on datasets acquired through Facebook. This information is then used to mix individualized drinks. That’s each of the ingredients represents one value in “Big 5”, a popular model in personality p...
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SPRITZ : Sports Water Bottle with Integrated Audio Speaker

A sports water bottle and an audio speaker merges into one, this is what Spritz offers you. It combines 2 important aspects that we need when workout into an elegant product, this water bottle integrates Studio Grade audio that can be wirelessly controlled from your smartphone. This rugged, smart water bottle can be a great companion when you do outdoor activities, the speaker features great acous...
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MiniBrew : Compact Beer Brewing Machine for Everyone

Brew your beer the way you want it with MiniBrew. It’s a device especially designed to simplify the complexity of brewing process so that anyone can become a brew master. MiniBrew makes a complex task easier, it combines brewing, cooling, and yeasting process in one compact machine where everything can be automatically managed and controlled at your fingertips through smart software. Discover th...
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Clasp Burner : Portable Burner That Looks Like a Large Key Ring

Clasp Burner is a portable BBQ equipment, yep, a burner that looks like a set of keys on a large key ring. It’s a gas burner that optimizes its portability feature and can be used both indoor/outdoor thanks to its lightweight and foldable features. These days, everything is portable from game, audio, to phone, this project has been designed with high level of efficiency rather than burner or ele...
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Ember Mug : Smart Coffee Mug Where You Can Keep Your Coffee at A Consistent Temperature

Ember might look like an ordinary coffee mug, but once you get to know it, you’ll realize you’d want to use this mug to drink your coffee every morning day. It’s world’s most advanced coffee mug, it has the ability to keep your coffee at a consistent temperature for more enjoyable drinking experience. Ember Tech company uses patented heating and phase change cooling technology to bring you...
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Tangibowls : A Set of Tableware Based on Asian Dining Culture for Visually Impaired People

It’s not easy for visually impaired people to do daily tasks, even having a meal can be a Herculean task. Tangibowls have been designed to help them enjoying their meal a bit better. Tangibowls is a set of tableware based on Asian dining culture, it’s been designed based on the design team’s experience that followed visually impaired people dining conditions as well as gained insight from fi...
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Bruvelo Coffee Brewer Features Built-in Grinder and Supports Different Types of Coffee Filters

Bruvelo Coffee Brewer is a compact and smart coffee brewer, it’s nice to know that coffee lovers are spoiled with many inventions to satisfy our coffee addiction. The designer promises that Bruvelo is more than just a coffee maker, it features an integrated pour over brew system that’s developed with one goal in mind, to brew the best cup of coffee possible. Unlike most portable coffee make...
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