LG DUOBO Coffee Machine Features Dual-Capsule Extraction System

LG Labs, a new LG marketing platform has released experimental and innovative products, one of them is DUOBO Coffee Machine. It’s the first capsule coffee machine that wants to revolutionize coffee brewing process with outstanding delicious, personalized flavor.

Featuring dual-capsule extraction system, this coffee machine allows for two-shot layered blending, it is possible for you to create your own distinctive blends. Control everything from DUOBO mobile app, it allows you to precisely adjust temperature and pressure for individual preferences.

LG DUOBO Coffee Machine by LG Labs

DUOBO by LG Labs is compatible with coffee capsules from various brands, therefore, you can make a wide range of strengths, roasts, and flavors of coffee for different coffee drinkers. It’s an exceptional coffee maker that combines innovation with a futuristic design. It was inspired by the wonders of space exploration, therefore, you can tell the sleek and elegant appearance resembles a space probe, demonstrating the concept of a “taste of space”.

DUOBO Coffee Machine features full HD IPS display, it adds an extra layer of enjoyment, giving users access to a variety engaging content such as unique animations or coffee-related information. LG Labs teamed up with up to six of world’s top baristas to showcase remarkable features of DUOBO, they have captivated many audiences when they demonstrate the ease of using DUOBO.

LG DUOBO Coffee Machine by LG Labs

LG DUOBO Coffee Machine by LG Labs

LG DUOBO Coffee Machine by LG Labs

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