Bike Shelf Tastefully Shows Off Your Bike

Biking everyday? You might as well install this beautiful book shelf that turns your bike in a work of art. It’s been especially designed to display your bike along with its accessories in both spectacular and functional way. This project is still based on book-shelf concept, except that it turns into a stage to show off your bike. Designed and developed with natural oakwood material, it feature...
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The YardStash III : Portable, Space Saving Outdoor Bike Storage with Full Top and Bottom Zippers

YardStash III is the third version of a top selling outdoor storage YardStash. Just like GazeBox, this product provides you with a platform to protect your bike, except this one is more practical in our opinion. Unlike GazeBox that uses polycarbonate structure, YardStash III is made out of industrial grade, vinyl tarpaulin roof with UPF 50+ protection, it is stronger than polyester body. It’s a ...
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Beast Off-Road Electric Bike Takes You Wherever You Want to Go

Introducing Beast, an off-road street legal e-bike from Daymak. It’s a tough bike that aims to bring new meaning to the words “Go Where You Want to Go” to power-assist electric bicycle on the market. Beast has been designed as an e-bike with several features of an ATV, making it tough, sturdy, and perfect for off-road use yet completely street legal. You can go up and down the hills, trails,...
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Vespa Plus ES Concept Is A Modern Representation of This Iconic Scooter

Vespa Plus ES is a concept design study proposal for the scooter company. It’s a modern representation of the iconic vehicle. It is pretty difficult to create a redesigned product for brands with such a big history. It would be a great challenge and responsibility to try to redesign Vespa scooter that’s been here for almost 70 years. It’s a well-known brand with increased demand for moder...
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ARCHONT and ARCHONT Electro by Ono Bikes

Ono Bikes is an independent E-bike manufacturer from Serbia. It started as hobby, with the idea to produce a different kind of bicycle, which would proffer ergonomics next to none and be good for full range of riding experiences, from comfortable to thrilling, all wrapped in profound elegance. Thus came the first model, Archont. Archont frames are handmade and each pair of handlebars is unique....
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Hummingbird Folding Bike by Peter Craciun

The company claims that Hummingbird Folding Bike is world’s lightest folding bike with 3kg lighter than its nearest competitor. Designed and developed in Britain, this folding carbon fiber bike weighs around 6.5kg, a perfect bike for short commutes or long journeys, you can easily store it in a car or on a plane. Peter Craciun, a 23-year old product designer, is a bike fanatic, he knows how t...
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Sada Spokeless, Foldable Bike Without Sacrificing Its Dimensions for Portability

Not wanting to reduce the dimensions of the bike, Gianluca Sada has designed a spokeless folding bike, Sada Bike. Realizing the concept of folding bike usually focuses on reducing weight and dimensions that usually lead to smaller sized bike, Sada feels that small frames and wheels only means expense of stability just for the sake of compactness and portability. The smaller size of the frame sacri...
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eGroov All-Road Electric Scooter Moves Easily Almost On Any Terrains

Have a great outdoor activity wherever you are, eGroov would be a reliable vehicle on almost any terrains. Riding this vehicle you can embrace all-road electric freedom with style, those 2 powerful Electric Hub Engines would take you anywhere you want to go. Made out of premium existing parts (except the frame and mudguards), eGroov is very robust and available in limited numbers with unquestionab...
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Piaggio Electric Bike Combines PMP Technology with Sleek and Modern Design

Piaggio joins electric bike market by creating a newer form of mobility that goes beyond the concept of an e-bike. The company promises the bike would provide innovative functions and new levels of interaction between cyclist, mechanical vehicle, and environment. Bike is a great solution that combines freedom and simplicity of travel and respects the environment and Piaggio Group has been known fo...
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Brum Brum : Modern Balance Bike for Children

Brum Brum is very stylish and cool thing to have if you got kids around. The idea was to create the balance bike for kids that is kind of user friendly, it is lightweight, has great suspension, tubeless tires, finger-safe discs, high quality, and lots of fun. The father of this project is Krisjanis Jermaks who came up with the idea and gathered a group of friends to carry out this lovely piece of ...
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Stylish Gi FlyBike Folding Electric Bike for Urban Commuting

With many designers show off their smart, compact bike, urban commuting seems like going to be much more fun. Gi FlyBike has been launched on a crowdfunding campaign, it’s a full size, folding e-bike for urban area. The main goal of this project is to transform urban commuting all over the world by challenging every aspect of traditional bike design. Aside being lightweight and easy to use, t...
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GinzVelo Hybrid Bicycle Offers New Way to Cruise Around The City

Peter Ginzburg designed and developed GinzVelo to change how we travel in cities and suburbs. It’s a combination of pedal and electric power, giving you ultimate bike driving experience, yep, he claims that this bike moves as fast as a car. At first sight, the unusual shape might make you wonder, this vehicle has been designed to be safe, efficient, and healthy, even though it looks like a space...
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INU Folding Scooter Features Automatic Folding Mechanism and Elegant Design

In less than 5 seconds, INU can fold itself up. It’s an elegant scooter with remote-controlled automatic folding system. Beautiful inside and out, unlike other scooters that feature futuristic design, INU prefers to display an elegant and classy design, without sacrificing its practicality and efficiency to cruise around the city. Weighing at 25kg, when fold out, it has dimensions of 1200mm(H)x3...
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Eff You See Eye (fUCI) Bike by Robert Egger

Eff You See Eye (fUCI) Bike is a Robert Egger side project, a unique concept bike that doesn’t want to be restricted in terms of design. As Specialized’s Creative Director, Robert Egger, doesn’t have time to follow rules imposed by others. He believes that designers should have the freedom to explore their imagination without being limited by certain rules. fUCI, pretty cute name for a conce...
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Citrus Folding Scooter Can Be Transformed Into a Trolley

Citrus folding scooter is not just a practical urban transport, it also functions as a trolley. Current urban transport is not complete without the ability to carry bulky item, that’s why Peter Opsvik has come up with new urban transportation design. Citrus works in close cooperation with public transportation thanks to its one-grip transformation from a scooter to a compact trolley case. You ca...
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