Super 73 Electric Bike Features 1000 Watts of Power

Lithium Cycles offers you Super 73, a powerful electric bike with 1000 watts of power. Designed and made in Southern California, this bike provides optimum comfort for its rider with natural riding position and plush motorcycle bench seat, it makes a...
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Bell Sports Shell Child Carriers by Anvil Studios

What happens when something as utilitarian as a bike carrier is created with great design? Can the practical be made visually interesting, safe, and progressive at same time, can it become a product you actually want to use? Greg Janky & Treas...
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Minimal Bike Exploits Carbon Fibers in A Minimalist Design

Two good friends, Aart Roelandt (an industrial designer) and Bram Moens (a passionate cyclist) teamed up to design and develop a compact carbon city bike. The idea was started when Aart weren’t satisfied with those compact bikes on the market, he s...
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PG Bugatti Urban Bike Is Optimized for Aerodynamic Demands

Designed by Bugatti and developed by PG, this bike is limited for only 667 pieces worldwide. It’s a high tech bike made of carbon fiber, weighing less than 5kg, it is claimed to be the lightest urban bike in the world. This bike is the result of pe...
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UrbanX Electric E-Bike Wheel Transforms Traditional Bike Into an E-Bike in Seconds

UrbanX Electric E-Bike Wheel transforms any traditional bike into an electric one instantly. All you need to do is replace your front bike wheel, it’ll give you a 30 mile range with a 20mph top speed. This wheel has been designed as a cost effectiv...
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ORION Cycling Navigation Concept Is Made of e-Paper by Clement Dauchy

ORION Cycling Navigation is a concept project born out of the cycling routine of Clement Dauchy, the designer. “Every morning I like to bike those few miles to my job and it always makes my day starting the better. Always going by the same eerie o...
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Luxurious Wheelmen Python Wrapped Bicycle is A Work of Art

A luxurious, vintage style bicycle, this is what you can expect from Wheelmen Python Wrapped Bicycle. It’s a custom-built masterpiece with lavish finishing and details, riding this bike means that you ride a vehicle and an art. The Wheelmen offers ...
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Felt Tote’m Electric Bike Features Dual Rack System to Carry More Cargo

Priced at $3,999.00, Felt Tote'm Electric Bike features dual rack system to carry all your essentials wherever you go. The durable frame is made of double dutted 6061 aluminum, it’s strong enough to handle all your cargo, from transporting party su...
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Fox Factory Speaker Concept by Berkley Wilcox

The Fox Factory speaker was designed to address the potential hazards of mountain biking with music. Most of the bikers interviewed said that they loved to listen to music while riding and that they use ear buds. Ear buds hinder the users hearing whi...
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Noordung Angel Edition Electric Bike Is Only Available in Limited Edition of 15 Pieces

Noordung Angel Edition Electric Bike is exclusively available in only 15 pieces. Each one is precisely crafted electric bike to offer you futuristic and stylish urban mobility. The company believes that commuting is not just moving from one point to ...
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Immotor GO : Stylish, Innovative, and Smart Foldable Electric Scooter

Stylish and portable electric scooter, let us introduce you to Immotor GO. It’s an intelligent e-scooter that you can take anywhere with you, thanks to its folding mechanism. Designed with style and revolutionary power technology, this scooter is a...
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URB-E Black Label City Edition Foldable Electric Scooter with Rear Basket

We have featured URB-E in this article, this time, the company releases URB-E Black Label City Edition Foldable Electric Scooter. Made in USA, this city edition e-scooter provides you with practical, powerful, yet efficient personal transportation fo...
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Boeing B-29 Superfortress Inspired Bike Design by Sam Yeh

Inspired by Boeing B-29 Superfortress, a four-engine propeller heavy bomber, Sam Yeh has designed Boeing bike. It’s a 3rd grade University’s project, the theme is about cross branding and since the designer is learning transportation design durin...
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Street Legal G12H Electric Bike With A Range Up to 150 Miles

G12H is coming soon, it’s a street legal electric bike with a range up to 240km or 150 miles on a single charge. The company says that through Greyp G12H bike, they want to celebrate their passion for two wheels with others. The range and capacity ...
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From Denmark with Love: Mate Foldable E-Bike Is Claimed to be World’s Most Affordable eBike

MATE e-bike is coming from world’s cycling capital, Copenhagen. It’s been designed to become world’s most affordable foldable electric bike, offering biker an experience the ultimate in cycling versatility. Each unit is designed in Denmark and ...
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