Can Am Spyder Roadster Three Wheels Vehicle

The Can-AM SPYDER roadster combines the open-air benefits of a motorcycle with many of the convenience features of a traditional roadster to define a new paradigm for an on-road power sport vehicle. The unique Y-architecture with three wheels (two in the front, one in the rear) provides stability at rest and in motion, balancing performance needs with safety concerns. The Vehicle Stability System, which includes ABS, traction control and stability control, comes as standard on each vehicle. This makes the SPYDER roadster user-friendly and the road accessible to many people who want to enjoy the open-air experience.

can am spyder motorcycle

can am spyder motorcycle

Spyder is built around a Surrounding Spar Technology (SST™) frame, featuring a minimalist steel center beam, surrounding the engine. It minimizes weld points for greater structural integrity. This light and slim frame provides a low center of gravity to enhance stability and handling.

Fluid motion stems from the smooth 5-speed gearbox created specifically for the Spyder. It features a true mechanical reverse. An optional thumb-shift sequential electronic transmission offers even greater ease of use. The final beltdrive provides ultra-smooth gearing and easy maintenance.

Providing life under the hood is a Rotax® 990cc, V-twin liquid cooled engine. It delivers a strong push and responsive acceleration throughout the power band. Advanced features include double overhead cams and a state-of-the-art electronic fuel management system.

Nervous System
Spyder senses its surroundings utilizing multiple on-board Electronic Control Units (ECUs). These sophisticated systems monitor a broad range of functions, from wheel slippage to digitally encoded security information.

can am spyder motorcycle

can am spyder motorcycle

can am spyder motorcycle

can am spyder motorcycle

can am spyder motorcycle

can am spyder motorcycle

can am spyder motorcycle

Designer : BRP

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radicalKat says: September 9, 2008

may i have one of this next Christmas??? pleeeeeeeeease!

Calvin Allen says: September 18, 2008

Where would I go to purchase the Can Am Spyder? Is their a site or any stores in the local area in California?

Mike says: October 24, 2008

I have taken one of theses for a test ride here in Perth Australia for about an hour and a half was quite awesome though steering was a bit heavy as there isn't much leaning into corners, great toy though.

    Rod says: January 27, 2012

    That's because you steer a Spyder the same as you steer a car. And like a car you can't speed around tight bends as you can on a two wheel bike and leaning into the corner probably is more to do with your comfort than the effect on the Spyders cornering.

bob langford says: November 17, 2009

what price is the cam am spyder

Catherine says: November 21, 2009

What is the price of this motorcycle?

coco says: April 5, 2010

I would like some more info and the price.

stanley says: April 26, 2010

What is d price of can am spyder&Where can i get it?

Rodney G. says: May 22, 2010

What is the price and what are some of ways people are costumize the can am spyder ? I like a hard sporty look. I ride a GSXr.

ariel says: February 27, 2011

i really love this bike ………………….its really cool……

Siphiwe says: June 24, 2011

wow what a bike man its so cool im going to buy one

cloves da concei&cce says: June 25, 2011

é shol

Titus Onauga says: February 13, 2012

COOL!!! Can't wait to buy it.

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