Camera BackPack for All Your dSLR and All Its Accessories

If you are a photographer and busy with your traveling then this product is for you. Check out this new bag where you can easily and systematically organize your camera accessories. When you open this bag, it looks like a small wardrobe with so much of space to keep your camera stuff. This basic setup is designed for a regular Pro dSLR camera with up to a 6-inch lens attached with space for an additional 2 or 4 lenses or photo accessories. It seems that in this bag everything will be packed in a way that when you travel, nothing will damage or break.

m rock camera backpack

m rock camera backpack

m rock camera backpack

m rock camera backpack

Designer : M-Rock

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Waeel says: October 10, 2008

Dear Sir,

From where i can buy such a bag?

Please Advice?


Waeel A. Alanesi

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