Ferrari v4 : A Motorcycle Concept Inspired By Ferrari

Ferrari V4 is a motorcycle inspired by the brand Ferrari would be definitely something different from all other two-wheelers on the market and it will probably look like this one in the image. The concept behind the design is definitely unique and involves the principles of aerodynamics and latest technology to empower the motorcycle with high speed and improved performance level. The black color teamed with vibrant yellow or dark red is the trademark of Ferrari and these are the colors used in the motorcycles. The heavy and broad front part and slightly slimmer back makes the carve prominent and makes it pretty stylish indeed.

ferrari v4 motorcycle concept

ferrari v4 motorcycle concept

ferrari v4 motorcycle concept

Designer : Amir Glinik via Luxist

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Mahesh Kumar says: December 17, 2009

wow……… wat a creation…….. could u please send me the price of this bike?

    Rajesh says: July 10, 2014

    What’s the cost of bike?
    I really had not ever seen this before,
    and also can’t imagine about.

saakishiva says: August 5, 2011

nice creation and innovative… nice design

EYM1 says: October 9, 2012

They should just stick with super cars…

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