Natural Air Cleaner to Ensure An Excellent Air Quality

Are you tired of looking at the dead walls in your house? Do you want to see your walls beginning to come alive with greenery? Check out these “Vertical Living Walls” designed to contribute to the need of energy and freshness in today’s world. Different types of plants can be used on this wall such as Edera, Ficus, Vaudosie and Nephrolepsis etc. There is a LED light for relaxing environment and water vaporizers are used on four sides. With the help of retractable wheels, the vertical living wall can be shifted through a simple gesture. Now, you do not need to visit a garden to get fresh air because you are getting it inside your home.

vertical wall living

vertical wall living

vertical wall living

vertical wall living

Designer : Giulio Sbarigia

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2 thoughts on “Natural Air Cleaner to Ensure An Excellent Air Quality

  1. wow!I don't know that!

    Thanks for the advice, but this concept was thinking like a "medical" object.

    After a study, were selected different types of plants, thanks to their active, purify the air.

    The starter idea was that the VLW was designed to hospitalization at home, where a patient immobile in bed, has as objective to take care of the life of these plants (thanks to a remote control), which at the same time ensure an excellent air quality.

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