Wearable Cell Phone Concept for Fashion Victims

Watches do just one thing, and you can find them in million of models and prices. Now they are a trendy accessory rather than only an instrument to sign the time. Why not try to do the same with mobile phones? Fashion victims could wearing it like a jewel with a special cover and elastic string according with some elegant dress. A phone to show, not to hide in the bag or pocket.

cell phone concept for fashion victims

cell phone concept for fashion victims

Often ring tones are irritating for the others and if you want use vibrating-call that is not always useful if the phone is far from you. Wearing the phone, vibrating-call is more practical because it vibrates on the hand. I think the gesture of shaking the thumb and pinky to call is natural for the people. You can have the phone always ready to use, and putting microphone and speaker very close at your ear and mouth is possible use it also in noisy places. You can continue to catch objects or use a pen. Another more serious reason to use it, is for people that have fear of electro smog from mobile phones. Separating the microphone and the speaker is possible to adapt them according the personal shape of human cranium and to keep the electromagnetic field far from the head. Touchscreen equipped with “Voice Activated” and “Hands Free” software to dialing, picking up and hanging up the line.

cell phone concept for fashion victims

Designer : Massimo Marrazzo

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