The Helping Hand Restores the Functionality of a Paralyzed Upper Limb

The helping hand is an innovative concept device that can efficiently help a person who has lost functionality of his or her upper limp due to a stroke by effectively regaining control over the paralyzed arm or hand. By wearing it, the motionless limb can do everyday tasks like holding objects, eating, dressing and even writing. The technology is to transmitting signals from the human brain through a neuro-implant to control the device, which allows the user to move their hands, arms or fingers by simply thinking of any action. The electroactive polymer joints of the device make the movement of the limb more natural and friendly for the user. The straps are designed to take their positions automatically when the device is turned on. Moreover, the device gives user the option of putting on and taking off whenever they want by using one hand only.

the helping hand

the helping hand

the helping hand

Designer : Joseph Cooper

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5 thoughts on “The Helping Hand Restores the Functionality of a Paralyzed Upper Limb

  1. hey did u know that if ur paralyzed from the waist down u can walk again by going on one of those running machines and regain the ability to walk so this thing should probably do the same for your hands which would be so cool

  2. I need more details about helping hand. My uncle is suffering from such problems. Please male me more details and also how to procure at India

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