Timex TX54 for Your Thumbnail

The TX54 is a concept design which featured in the global design competition organized by Timex in collaboration with Core77. The design competition was held to commemorate 150 years of watch crafting and time keeping. The device is transparent and needs to be kept at the thumbnail or stays clear till the time it is activated. To activate or check time, one can just glance at the time when needed. It is small, chic and minimalist. Of course one can simply glance at their cell phone than going for another gadget but with its looks and various modes it a nice way to keep time.

timex tx54

Designer : Napoleon Merana, Steffen Schubert, and David Takacs via Core77

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9 thoughts on “Timex TX54 for Your Thumbnail

  1. Will never work. People have a infinity of different size thumbnails and what happens when nail grows. How ould it stay on? Without glueing it is at risk of falling off and you would never know possibly for hours.

  2. My my aren't we not optimistic.

    You say it "will never work" but don't take into account that by the time anything like this is released, every problem for this will have a solution.

    I dare say this could be popular within 20 years.

  3. This is cool but it would have to cost a fortune.. and I am sure they'd make it adjustable to make it personable for everyone

  4. Its marketed as disposable you wear when you go on vacation and the wife says, "You better not bring that phone to the beach." Or it would be great for biking.

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