The Minder Links Patients and Healthcare Professionals Anytime, Anywhere

Soon, there’s no need for a hospital visit in order to record patient’s data. Cambridge Consultants have designed a pocket size device called The Minder that can reduce recovery times and hospital visits. The firm has announced this new product concept based on its low-cost Continua-compliant Vena platform. The Minder, powered by Vena (people also call it Vena Minder), allows continuous, real-time medical data collection and transmission via cellular networks. This way, this unit provides new technology solution that can lower the cost of healthcare by improving the quality of patient care.

Doubling as a pocket-sized digital patient checklist, Minder is a sophisticated gateway that captures wireless medical data and transmits it to a patient’s online health record, creating higher volume and higher quality data for Electronic Medical Records (EMR). Moreover, Minder can receive real time updates to the checklist thereby enabling two way communications with healthcare professionals or caregivers, enabling more meaningful use of e-health records.

Designer : Cambrige Consultants

Vena Minder Mobile Health Device

Vena Minder Mobile Health Device

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