The Cup PC Concept for Easy, Intuitive and Everyday Conduct

In the future, don’t be surprised to hear this sentences like “Pour your data on the table” or “Pour your data into my cup”, because if this Cup PC concept becomes reality, sharing your data can be as easy as pouring water from your cup. The concept of “The Cup” is inspired by people’s common behaviors in everywhere and every moment. Especially, usage of cup is one of the most general and daily behavior. In offices, home, even at shops, we can see and use them. In the future, the usage of computer will be more intuitive and simple than now. People will not need to learn how to use PC and the computer system will have effect on behaviors of user’s everyday conduct, like using a cup.

“The Cup” is innovative PC design in terms of following form and functions of physical and instinctive interface of cup. In other words, the operation of this new PC follows certain behaviors when people use cups. Such as contain, collecting, piling and pouring water into other cups, PC has functions of storing, sharing and organizing information. As reflecting a metaphor of cup into PC, The Cup may be creative but easy to use for majority of users.

cup pc concept

cup pc concept next gen pc design

A majority people know how to use a cup. It is indicative, intuitive and instinctive. The Cup PC concept came from the commonness between usage of cups and the way of dealing with information of PC. As a usage cups, sharing information, saving and organizing, It may be the easiest PC in the world. I really love the last image concept where users can actually pour their data on the table as projector view to share with others.

future cup pc

cup pc design concept

cup pc conceptual design

microsoft cup pc concept

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3 thoughts on “The Cup PC Concept for Easy, Intuitive and Everyday Conduct

  1. I don’t want to crap all over an original idea. But that seems useless. You can’t put it in your pocket. The interface is awkward even when described in terms of the fantasy future where it is actually possible. I can’t imagine anyone buying this except as a novelty.

    I even think it’s kind of arrogant to say “the AVERAGE person is too stupid to figure out computers. A cup is about the right speed for those poor ignorant laymen.”

    My mom is a highly capable console jockey at this point. I don’t know who these imaginary customers are who are uncomfortable with normal computers.

  2. you have the idea but the design for the idea is terrible. there are so many reasons why. try to make a different design for your idea.

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