Swing Ao Stool Keeps Your Body Active When Sitting

Takusei Kajitani has designed Swing Ao Stool to eliminate a static movement while sitting. It’s undeniable that our body is designed to move, therefore, it will work best when you are active. Sitting forces our body to stay rigid for some period of time, it’s not healthy, it increases blood pressure, blood sugar, causes excess fat around the waist, and many more. Swing aims to solve this issue by allowing the seat to move freely in conjunction with the movement of your pelvis, just like a small swing. This stool delivers a floating sensation to your body when sitting.

Swing Ao Stool by Takusei Kajitani

Swing Ao Stool promotes movement of your spine, pelvis, and surrounding muscles, but you can always sit on it just like a regular stool. It maintains 8-degree angle seat to help you maintain a healthy posture and prevent hunching over. Takusei Kajitani explains that Swing offers two sitting modes: dynamic and static, you can always switch to different mode when you change your mind.

Swing Ao Stool by Takusei Kajitani

Swing Ao Stool by Takusei Kajitani

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One thought on “Swing Ao Stool Keeps Your Body Active When Sitting

  1. Where can I buy this. It looks and sounds like the answer to my hopes and wishes for relief from tailbone, sit bone and lower back pain.

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