Solvatten Water Container Purifies Water Using Sunlight

Solvatten water container provides safe water by using UV-A and UV-B sterilization. One of great challenges in developing countries is to provide safe water to its people, these are countries where most hospital beds are occupied by people suffering from illness due to contaminated water. There are many people die as the result of polluted water, Petra Wadström tries to prevent this by designing a water container that transforms dirty water into drinking water.

Water usage is interlinked with energy, typical African home uses around 70% of the energy for cooking, heating, washing, and boiling water. Unfortunately, due to the lack of infrastructure and electricity, they usually take advantage of charcoal/wood burning which leads to harmful indoor pollution, deforestation, risk for burn injuries, and carbon dioxide emissions. Solvatten has been designed to use in these situations where water resources are scarce and prone to contamination.

Designer : Petra Wadström

Solvatten Portable Water Container

Solvatten Portable Water Container

Solvatten offers better situation for children and families that have to live without safe water. It features 2-hinged containers where each one can hold up to 5 liters of water with black rear surface and transparent upper surface to allow unrestricted penetration of UV rays. The process consists of 3 stages: filtration, heat pasteurization, and UV-A & UV-B sterilization, it enables a synergetic effect that make the water safe to drink. There’s an indicator when the purifying process is complete, a red sad face turns into green and happy.

Solvatten Portable Water Container

Solvatten Portable Water Container

Solvatten Portable Water Container

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  1. Mass produce, lisc
    & use for Emergency supplies on cruise ships, hotels, resorts, homes alone
    Make larger to refine more water
    Test on Discovery & PBS TV alone
    For every Home,
    Test in India, Vietnam, China, Java.

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