“Protect 486”, Safety and Protection for Your Motorcycle

Something has been designed for safety and protection of your motorcycle. Check out this unique defense system with burglar alarm that is totally different from what you must have seen earlier. It completely covers your motor bike from top. The motorbike will look absolutely different once covered with this defense system. Bike will be protected from thieves as it has a burglar alarm and also safe from dust. This system is being proposed in order to break the present bases and creating a new and improved defense system for motorcycles. One can surely try it out for a different protection system.

protect 486 vespa

protect 486 vespa

protect 486 vespa

Designer : Marc Graells

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4 thoughts on ““Protect 486”, Safety and Protection for Your Motorcycle

  1. JuanS has a very good point. I don’t see anything stopping a crook from just taking the bike and dismantling the supposed security device later on. That is, of course, unless there’s more to that shielding than meets the eye.

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