Particle Mask to Reduce Chemical Exposure

The Particle Mask concept has been specially designed for commercial cleaners with the goal to reduce chemical exposure. A study has unveiled that more than 25% of people who are overexposed to chemicals at work such as cleaning sprays, have higher risk of developing occupational asthma. This mask features filtration compartment along with removable filter to purify the incoming air and exhaust the used air through airway opening. It features a resizable head strap that can be adjusted to fit all range of users. Both the outer and inner body of the mask is made of safe plastic and the transparent window allows other people to see the user’s lips.

particle mask

particle mask

particle mask

particle mask

Designer : Alek Shnayder

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One thought on “Particle Mask to Reduce Chemical Exposure

  1. This is it who ever thought of this mask is seeing into the future very smart design so you can still communicate with others even if the air is no longer breathable right so what we're almost at this point

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