No More Messy Toothpaste Tubes with Chube Automated Toothpaste Dispenser

Are you tired of dealing with messy toothpaste tubes? If yes, then try out automatic toothpaste dispenser. It helps to conserve toothpaste with even flow dispensing and draws the complete volume of toothpaste from the tube eliminating any waste. When you put your toothbrush under the nozzle, a motion detector triggers an internal motor that pumps a pre-set amount of toothpaste directly onto the brush. Standard toothpaste is contained in Chube-specific cartridges that are sold at grocery, department and drug stores. You simply insert a new cartridge into the dispenser and prime the pump and Chube is ready to go. Once empty, Chube cartridges can be returned to the manufacturer for recycling. In return, consumers receive rebates or coupons for discounts on future purchases. The reusable cartridge caps are dishwasher safe and are available in an assortment of decorator styles. This device can be mounted to any smooth surface and comes in different colors and shapes.

chube automated toothpaste dispenser

chube automated toothpaste dispenser

Text from designer :

The loop at the top of the one tube design is not for hanging but had two purposes:
1. It allows people who lack dexterity, such as those with arthritis, to easily grasp the tube and pull it out of the dispenser when it’s empty and needs to be replaced. The loop can be easily grabbed with any one or several fingers.

2. It’s a visual target for the visually impaired.

chube automated toothpaste dispenser

chube automated toothpaste dispenser

chube automated toothpaste dispenser

chube automated toothpaste dispenser

chube automated toothpaste dispenser

Designer : Michael Gamstetter

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22 thoughts on “No More Messy Toothpaste Tubes with Chube Automated Toothpaste Dispenser

  1. it's nice design, but the present design tooth paste tube is good enough right…., for a family this can used but still using directly paste tube is better ….,


  2. I’m a little curious about one thing – how is the toothpaste placed in the tube in the first place? It would be great if the manufacturer filled it themselves since it would be kill any sense of convenience if we had to do the filling ourselves.

  3. Wow! This toothpaste dispenser is really interesting! Is at already available in the market? I want to avail such dispenser as my parents are now suffering from arthritis due to old age. They can easily drop anything they hold. And I think, this container will serve as an immediate remedy.

  4. OMG My son needs this so bad. He is 22 and i have to help him put toothpaste on his brush. Weve tried the seen on tv type. Where you push your brush up against it . Weve gone thru 3 of these, There crap! Please contact me if I can purchase one. Heres my email [email protected] My name is Claudia and im a very concerned parent Thankyou

  5. Whhoops I just sent that text to you and put the wrong email My name is claudia and its( live not liuve). sorry about that

  6. My daughter back in February had 11 strokes in total. She is now wuthout use of her left hand and arm along with partial paralysis of left leg. Your automated toothpaste dispensor is exactly what i have been looking for, for her. This product will be very helpfull for her. Please contact me ASAP.

    Thank you

  7. Nice product for Arthritis. Is it available in the market? I have RA and I need this product. I love the design as well.

  8. Hi.I have a 17 year old special needs son who wants to be so independent. How can I order this for him? Price is not an issue. Thank You.

  9. Hello,

    I think the idea is brilliant as there is too many people in this world that could benefit from this idea, my brother is in wheelchair and just like Claudia’s son he needs help everyday to put toothpaste on his brush, this would make his life much much easier. I love it and if it ever comes to the market we would definitely invest in buying for all bathrooms in the house.

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