Night Runner Shoe Lights Provide Great Visibility What’s In Front of You

Night Runner Shoe Lights help to add more safety to a night runner, these are clip-on shoe lamps. It’s simple yet effective, inspired by his own experience, Doug Storer, a runner and a designer, injured himself while training for Boston Marathon when he hit a pothole because he couldn’t see in the dark. These shoe lights help you light your way without disturbing your running activity, they can provide 270 degrees of visibility in front also two rear-facing taillights. Wearing this pair of shoe lights keep you visible to other road users as well. [Buy It Here]

Night Runner Shoe lights

Night Runner Shoe lights

Designed by Doug Storer, Night Runner Shoe Lights are clipped in shoelace position, it means the light would be exactly where you need it. You can spot potential hazard ahead of you. Each light fastens securely onto your laces thanks to a stable, adjustable bracket. No matter what the weather, this light is still reliable, each one is housed in a high impact, water resistant case. Powered by li-ion rechargeable batteries, each unit has a micro-USB port, it also comes with Y connector so that you can charge both units at the same time. [Buy It Here]

Night Runner Shoe lights

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