Next Evolution in Tattoo Industry

computer graphic tattoo

Every wonder what a tattoo would look like in your body before inking yourself? Thanks to Lo?c Zimmerman, a computer graphics artist that create a program who can help you preview what is it look like a tattoo in your body. The program works by scanning all your body to capture body proportions to accurately depict a complex 2-D design on a body’s 3-D canvas. But another problem arise, as it’s said on the website :

“One problem that arises, even in a 3-D rendering, is that computer models don’t age or wrinkle: little design details, lines in close proximity–they all risk blurring into each other when the ink spreads as our bodies grow old.”

computer graphic tattoo

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3 thoughts on “Next Evolution in Tattoo Industry

  1. Is there any more information on the Next Evolution in Tattoo Industry article?? I am a Computer Drafting and Design student at ITT Tech in San diego and have a homework assignment on a current events and this is right up my alley!!! I love computer and tattoo's. If there is any ore information on this please provide a link.

    Thank you


  2. I’m betting a good number of people with tattoos wished this technology existed before they got theirs. It would’ve been an easy way to see how good or bad a design would look on their bodies.

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