Rotate Watch2 Concept Disguises Itself as a Bracelet

Submitted by Patrick Weingartner, Rotate Watch 2 was born out of desire to create a special watch that captures elegance and class. A watch that disguises itself as a bracelet or a piece of jewelry. You can Patrick’s explanation below.

“My desire was to draw a very special watch design that captures elegance and class. I wanted to draw a gem, with a watch hidden inside.The result of this creative thinking is Rotate 2, a bracelet style watch design finished in silver, gold or IP black with a vivid colored LCD display to show the time and date with a subtle, discreet touch of the finger.

A sharp watch design with clean lines, the bracelet tapers from front to back and appears to have a retractable clasp so that the design wraps around your wrist. The time is viewed on the small circular medallion at the top of the design. From an arial perspective, this appears simply to be an element of design in the bracelet, but the time is actually hidden in this disk so that when you turn it with your finger, it reveals the information you need; time, date and day.”

Rotate Watch2 by Patrick Weingartner

Rotate Watch2 by Patrick Weingartner

The display is LCD and is backlit with LEDs, perfect for night time and low light situations. Patrick says that this design would be suitable for refined women who demand something special and different.

Rotate Watch2 by Patrick Weingartner

Rotate Watch2 by Patrick Weingartner

Tuvie has received “Rotate Watch2” project from our ‘Submit A Design‘ feature, where we welcome our readers to submit their design/concept for publication.

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