Moonstream : Ultimate Luxury Space Lounge

Moonstream is all about exploring the Moon in an adventurous way. NASA Moonstream concept is a proposal designed by Anthony Sims, a student of Art Center College of Design. This is a heavily vehicle inspired by nature like the defensive shell of a tortoise. The wheels have the capability to move slowly like an insect and are completely adjustable for height and track. From inside, the vehicle is styled to offer a comfortable living space with latest communication technologies. NASA Moonstream concept is the ultimate luxury space lounge which will be completed by year 2020.

moonstream vehicle

moonstream vehicle

moonstream vehicle

moonstream vehicle

Designer text :
The Moonstream is the ultimate luxury space lounge, designed to change public perceptions of Nasa and entice people to be more interested in a future mission to the moon. The Moonstream enables true comfort for habitants of the vehicle and also provides an appealing setting for filming of the daily lives of people on the 1st ever moon road trip from the north to south pole.

Designer : Anthony Sims

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2 thoughts on “Moonstream : Ultimate Luxury Space Lounge

  1. Is this vehicle really going to be built? Or is it just a design made by a student? It looks like made by a 15 year old that, by the way, uses an apple computer 😉

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