Linea Sucree Stylish Scooter for Young Souls

Scooters are known for speed. They as they say don’t waste any time to get you there. The young folks are in luck with the refurbished and well fine tuned scooters. This “linea sucree” type is long to accommodate every height. The rims are strong and long lasting, laced with firm but flexible rubber casings that literally meet the road. Since speed is a major consideration. The flatness of the feet pad is low on the center of gravity and moves with more speed than the other type. The aluminum fixture on the handles and body is shiny and stainless. Get one and experience the sensation.

scooter linea sucree

scooter linea sucree

scooter linea sucree

Designer : Serdar Sisman

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3 thoughts on “Linea Sucree Stylish Scooter for Young Souls

  1. If these were produced, and available in the US I'd buy one of these right now. The aluminum parts of my aging G-Lite mini scooter are starting to give out and there are neither any OEM or aftermarket replacements.

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