Garden Tool Master Kit with Soft Case by REDHED Tools

Love gardening? REDHED Garden Tool Master Kit looks like set of tools you need to have. Designed by Rick Meinzer, founder of REDHED Tools, this kit has been designed and constructed to set a new standard how yard and garden tools should perform. Rick Meinzer is a 20-year landscape professional, he has great passion in creating innovative garden equipment that outperform ordinary tools on the market.

Garden Tool Master Kit features modular design for easy customization and portability. It’s a 9 piece equipment that can be interchanged to create 32 different tool configurations, making you always ready to answer any landscaping challenge. The company promises this equipment will offer you superior performance, thanks to its materials, it will last for years.

Designer : Rick Meinzer of REDHED Tools

Garden Tool Master Kit with Soft Case by REDHED Tools

Garden Tool Master Kit with Soft Case by REDHED Tools

Assembling all these tools won’t be difficult, it has patent-pending “quick connect” system (made with machined 6061 aluminum billet with stainless steel connector pins) that allows you to move quickly between a spade shovel, flat head shovel, push broom, and metal rake. There’s a selection of straight and D-grip handles in different lengths combines to give you perfect tool for any gardening task.

Garden Tool Master Kit with Soft Case by REDHED Tools

Over the years, traditional garden tools remain unchanged. This new design is here to fix that by giving you unique and durable tool systems for gardeners, landscapers, and homeowners to tackle any gardening project. The high quality materials can be seen through premium 1⅝” oiled hickory handles, while the powder coated tool heads are made from 1.8mm railroad steel.

This product comes with its own soft case, keeping everything organized for you to carry around. This kit is light and highly portable, REDHED Garden Tool Master Kit can be easily stored in your garage, closet, or under the bed.

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