Futuristic PLC28 Helicopter for Control and Maintenance of Power Lines in 2028

A helicopter for the year of 2028, it is lifted and propelled by 4 rotors. You can read the description submitted by the designers below:

PLC28 is a helicopter specifically designed for the control and maintenance of power lines in the year 2028. The main aspect of the design is the creation of two ergonomic work places and work positions. For the working team consisting of a pilot and a technician it is very important to be able to establish eye contact during the whole working period. Together they are a well-trained team to perform these tasks. We designed PLC28 with the aim to bring the positioning of both occupants to perfection while creating a safe platform for the technician outside the helicopter.

At the moment different helicopters are needed for different work situations. With PLC28 it is now possible to complete all tasks concerning power lines within one flight instead of different flights for different tasks. In this manner it is possible to control the power lines and once a damage is detected, it can be instantly repaired within the control flight. Arising tasks can be controlling the power line corridors, repairing lightning damage, mounting and maintaining power line markers.

Designers : Felix Schumacher and Lino Lehner

PLC28 Helicopter by Felix Schumacher

PLC28 Helicopter by Felix Schumacher

The PLC 28 has 4 ducted fans including each two coaxial rotors which drastically reduces the noise while increasing the safety aspect in many ways: In case of a drop out of a rotor the helicopter is still able to fly. The multiple rotors create a extremely stable flight position based on the fly-by-wire system which is supported by GPS positioning. Even the safety in case of a collision has been increased. With the use of the ducted fans it is not possible for the spinning parts of the rotor to collide with the power line or any other part. Using a futuristic electro hybrid engine we can additionally reduce the emission to one-fifth of conventional helicopters. A diesel engine is generating power for the battery. The battery then powers the rotors. And for the remote future, once the capacity of the battery is high enough, the helicopter is able to fly purely electric with the diesel engine as an emergency backup generator.

PLC28 Helicopter by Felix Schumacher

PLC28 Helicopter by Felix Schumacher

PLC28 Helicopter by Felix Schumacher

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