Rescue Balloon Helps Locating Campers or Hikers Lost in Deep Forest

When campers or hikers are lost in a forest or had an accident, the main barrier to rescue them is the difficulty to find out their exact location due to the heavy tree canopies of the forest. Rescue balloon is a simple locating concept device that features a tubular balloon filled with helium gas which can be inflated easily through a rubber made nozzle with magnets. This balloon is compact enough to get through the gaps between the tree branches and rise above the canopy, making it easier for the rescuers to locate the victims. Since the balloon doesn’t incorporate any high-tech complexity, it is easy to carry and use.

rescue balloon

rescue balloon

rescue balloon

Designer : Jaeseok Han

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5 thoughts on “Rescue Balloon Helps Locating Campers or Hikers Lost in Deep Forest

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  1. wow, i thought of this concept about 4 yrs ago……just popped into my head while watching tv one evening. checked the internet same day,not much there. it's a good idea and i would buy one ,but none are for sale anywhere. i think the market is to small to be profitable.

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