Futuristic Car Design with Transforming Multifunctional Wheels

Transforming Multifunctional Wheels is an innovative device that is created with sheer caution and brilliant conceptualization. This wheel is used in the most powerful motor cycles on United States. The wheel contains around 24 spokes and all of them are made from carbon fiber. They are elastic and strong enough to make the wheel even more efficient. The stark red color on the outer surface makes it more attractive and unique. The design of the wheel feature serrated portions which is unique indeed. This is a guarantee from the manufacturer that the vehicle will run smoothly with these wheels installed in it.

transforming multifunctional wheels

transforming multifunctional wheels

From the designer :
We bring up a new American icon in the subject of Brave and Bold. We were inspired by Harley-Davidson, the American motorcycle symbol and Pontiac-Firebird, a muscle car, therefore we designed the body from which is dynamic and progressive.

The entire body has been designed to have the wheels in front of it like motorcycles, so it is totally different from other cars. The wheel design, which is unique and aggressive, maximizes the design of the body. We call the wheels “the Transforming Multifunctional Wheels”.

A wheel has 24 spokes and each spoke is made up by a special carbon-fiber which has very strong elastic characteristic. The wheel associates a caterpillar tread of tanks. And each spoke can tilt 15 degrees back and forth to be formed to steer the car without any additional steering equipment. The wheels transform and the body tilts in the same direction when the car changes its direction so you can drive safely and dynamically.

Each spoke is constructed independently so that you do not need to replace whole wheel when the tire is flatted but only spokes which are flattened. Therefore, it is an environment-friendly concept. The body can minimize impact of collision to a driver by its body construction of the arms of the wheels. Due to the advantage of the construction, it can run easily off-road, such as the deserts of the United States of America.

transforming multifunctional wheels

Designer : Su-Yang Park & Chang-Hoe Heo

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2 thoughts on “Futuristic Car Design with Transforming Multifunctional Wheels

  1. I would like to see a 2 front wheel motorcycle with an expanding front windshield that could be extended over the rider when it is raining. Is there one now or can some manufacturer develop it. I think it could be a good incentive for those of us that would like to take it to work and not worry that rain could be a deterrant later.

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