Food Allergen Detector by Erik Borg

Suffering from food allergy has become quite prevalent these days because of negligence. When a person suffers from food aversion, every meal could potentially be detrimental for him. Foods such as milk, eggs, wheat, peanuts, soy, tree nuts account for nearly 90% of allergic reactions. If the allergy appears to be severe, it could lead to irritations and hives to death. To help people detect such allergens, Erik Borg designed a new device named, the Food Allergen Detector. A strategic design course persuaded in collaboration with Philips led to the invention of this device. The food allergen detector helps to avert severe allergic reactions and alleviate the pressure on hospitals. This handy device helps analyze all vital ingredient present in the dish and displays on to the screen from which an individual can get to know if there are any other allergens present. Thanks to the works of Erik Borg.

Designer : Erik Borg

Food Allergen Detector

Food Allergen Detector

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