EyeClops Night Vision Goggles Review

“You can see them but they can’t see you”. I believe this is what EyeClops Night Vision Goggles are all about. These night vision goggles enable your explorer to see in absolute darkness. With the help of EyeClops portable microscope attached atop the goggles, your adventure can see what hides in the dark and produce close-ups of whatever they spotlight on. This product uses actual night vision technology. I bought these night vision goggles at $79.99 and I guess they are really cheap as compared to what they provide us. These goggles come from the company “EyeClops” which is known for manufacturing both educational and technological toys for kids. According to me, Night Vision goggle is the most impressive product they have ever made.

eyeclops night vision googles

eyeclops night vision googles

These goggles are powered by real infra-red driven night vision technology which you must have seen in movies or games. I am addicted to Splinter Cell (PC Game) and I loved that night vision part by using goggles. Therefore, I always wanted to have one for myself. EyeClops has made my dream come true and the best part is I am able to afford them from my pocket money itself. These goggles are perfect if you want to play hide and seek in the dark as they enable clear visibility for up to 50 feet (15 m) in complete darkness. Not only this, if you are a camping kid then these goggles can help you out in pitch blackness. You require 4 “AA” batteries to keep these infra-red stealth goggles running.

eyeclops night vision googles

EyeClops Goggles come equipped with two viewing modes to go with any situation. First viewing mode is known as Maximum Surveillance Mode which is best suited to long range recon and exploration mission whereas other mode is Close Proximity Stealth Mode for mission demanding a closer look. So, get ready to take your mission to the next level with EyeClops Night Vision Goggles. You can easily adjust these night vision goggles with the help of head strap and padding for comfort around the face. You will also get one safety breakaway power cord and a counter weighted battery pack. Company has recommended this product for children aged 6+. I personally feel if you are looking for a product that can offer you 100% fun and entertainment then EyeClops is the best one because I have myself tried and tested them. These are easily available online on different websites. After going through this EyeClops Night Vision Review, you must have felt the need of having these goggles to accomplish your adventurous missions. EyeClops Googles are available at Amazon.

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25 thoughts on “EyeClops Night Vision Goggles Review

  1. Ha-ha.. I'm eighteen, and I'd kind of like a pair for myself.

    Why do kids now get all the cool stuff?

    Back in my day, we duct-taped a flashlight to a bike helmet, and we *LIKED IT*. D<

  2. i luv splinter cell 2 i got numba 1 (splinter cell) 2(pandora tommorrow) 4 (double agent) and essentials awesome ayyyyyyyyyy

  3. I've tried the bionic eye, and I ordered the night vision goggles, so I'm hoping to get them before christmas. I know my daughter's going to want to try them, but she's 3 so I don't know if she'll understand. We'll see.

  4. other people with goggles can see the light emmitted by them, they glow slighlty red when surveilance modedd is on(barely visible to others) but the light the goggles shine can be seen by other s with the goggles because they most likely use 1st gen light amplification tech.

  5. Much too bulky. It would be fun as a toy, definitely. Reminds me of the Nightvision goggles the little kid uses in Jurassic Park, before he spotted T-Rex, hehehe.

  6. I’ve had a look at these and figure i’d LOVE a pair, Next step after purchase is the attachment to my paintball helmet…

    …those suckers with torches won’t know what hit them…

  7. These are most definitely not safe to use in a photographic dark room! They use powerful near infrared LEDs that are as bright as a flashlight to film.

  8. so can people without googles i mean like you ae playing hide and seek and you secretly put them on when nobody looks at you can they see the red light shining of the googles if they dont have any gogles on?

    • The way they work is to shine a light that can be seen only with the equipment (IR Light) You cant see the light with the naked eye, so you need a pair of the goggles to see it… Imagine shining a torch that can only been seen with these goggles on.

      The most people without goggles on would see is a VERY dim red light, but at distances over 5m it would be to dull to see it. hope this helped 🙂

  9. has anyone broken the head adjustment and can you get parts? if not any suggestions on what to do, they are unusable the way they are

  10. Eyeclops night vision Goggles totally impressed me. I enjoyed the review and just wanted to say potential of that goggles is positive. I think special forces wears such type glasses to explore enemy presence during night period and it’ll be amazing experience for civilians try to wore such goggles. Thanks.

  11. I think, EyeClops Night Vision Goggles is suitable for mountain climbers especially when they do night trekking. It could also be helpful to the miners. Such profession and activity needs a very good visual sight since they do the job almost without sunlight. EyeClops Night Vision Goggles could also help in protecting their eyes from unwanted incident that they might encounter in the activity they had.

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