Cabinet of Chests by Wouter Scheublin

Cabinet of Chests are fascinating set of furniture that will certainly become a head turning object wherever you place it. Well, a chest furniture itself is an intriguing furniture, people always wonder what is kept inside. Wouter Scheublin designed a unique cabinet consists of 5 chests from carefully selected materials to protect your goods inside. This gorgeous furniture takes us one step further in the evolution of furniture, it transforms into a character of it’s own. These fine crafted walnut chests are equipped with wooden hinges and clamps so that opening and closing become a ritual that addresses our relation and affection with moveable language of mechanics.

This towered chest offers you a beautiful repetitive character that can be broken by opening up. You can use it to keep your goods or use it as a writing desk.

Designer : Wouter Scheublin

Cabinet of Chests by Scheublin and Lindeman

Cabinet of Chests by Scheublin and Lindeman

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