Blocks House To Improve The Underprivileged Living of Slums and Villages

The life of deprived people from slums is really pathetic, especially during bad weather conditions. Worn out houses that can be destroyed in seconds due to climatic changes is their way of life these days. Keeping in mind all these factors, the entry of Blocks House took a new dimension to help these people have a safe and a secure living. Blocks are usually assembled at give area, of any size that can accommodate a family. These are light weight with less manufacturing cost, making it easy to replace damaged blocks rather easily. It doesn’t pave way for insects to get inside, thereby providing a healthy clean surrounding. Its portability adds to its advantage, which means, it can be carried else where in case of a bad whether condition. This is an excellent way for the underprivileged people to find a living during worst case scenarios.

Note: This Design is a nominee for the INDEX Award, please “LIKE” this project at the site below to show support for the designer intention to tackle such a complex issue.

Designer : Altamash Jiwani

Blocks House

Blocks House

Blocks House

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4 thoughts on “Blocks House To Improve The Underprivileged Living of Slums and Villages

  1. In general a noble idea, however have look how the product corresponds with the surrounding environment. Do you think a classic modern, western shoe box fits the local culture? Therefore how likely is it to be accepted by the locals…?
    Also, have closer look at the roof…

  2. Retest, expand & test in Haiti alone, for markets.
    Make able to connect IE expand size.
    & portable for air, ground, sea transit use worldwide.
    Test in Haiti.

  3. They tried to build house here (N.A) out of plastic for the poor communities.
    However, the idea was shut down due to the toxic chemical which could be released during a fire.

    I think the idea is very good if they could make it fire proof.

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