Imāra Tanker Based Yacht by Motion Code: Blue

Imāra is a conceptual yacht based on a 280-meter long SuezMax tanker platform. Designed by Austrian based yacht design studio Motion Code: Blue, this project is said to be world’s largest yacht, a trendsetter in yacht design that features Austrian design quality.

The name Imāra comes from the Arabic word for “emirate”, it’s a perfect name for world’s first tanker sized yacht. Inspired by 280m long SuezMax tankers, this design studio job is to improve the aesthetic of standard oil tankers and transform it into a private tanker based yacht. It is specially designed for Middle East clients who are usually want to show their national pride and countries resources by modifying oil tanker as private luxury floating residence. If requested, this yacht can also be operated as an environmentally friendly vessel for its second life as a private yacht.

Since terms like Superyacht or Gigayacht is not suitable for this amazing project, the design team has invented a new yacht category based on tanker categories, which is YachtMax, it represents tanker sized yachts beyond 200m. With a length of 280m, a total of 11 decks and a beam of 57m, this yacht certainly sets a new standard in private yachting.

Designer : Motion Code: Blue

Imāra Tanker Based Yacht by Motion Code Blue

Imāra Tanker Based Yacht by Motion Code Blue

The exterior features slick hull painted in bright white with golden accents. The custom designed tower has been designed in the shape of common tanker superstructures, but the overall design aims to create precious aesthetic combined with modern architecture like elements just like any superyacht features. The raised fore deck is large enough to host 3 large heli pads for fast departure or arrival.

The interior is even more impressive where all corridors have been designed for BMW i3 cars to pass, every guest has its own garage right in front of their suit or cabin. The upper decks of the tower host several private apartments with bow and stern oriented balconies, perfect for VIPs guests, there are 2 central elevators and wide staircases that connect these decks. Spacious 2 side wings can be used as sun bathing areas with bars and lounges, a nice area to overlook the immense structures of the yacht. Unfortunately, we don’t have the interior images yet, feel free to play with your imagination.

Imāra Tanker Based Yacht by Motion Code Blue

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  1. Features Id add:
    Sauna deck
    VTOL Helicenter
    Condo deck
    Deckside BBQ
    Flying Bridge
    3D Cinema
    Live action Stage & Opera
    Med Center
    Food Court
    800 ft Tender for shore
    Shore Rel office IE any port.
    Turbolifts IE TV show Star Trek
    Hydroponic Garden deck
    Business Center

    Have cruise lines PR project & provide food service tips.

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