The Streets Of Monaco Mega Yacht Can Reset The Approach Of Luxury Cruising

According to my opinion, one reason of designing such a huge yacht was to taking out floating cities from ancient myths. What can I say more? The massive structure and inclusion of seemingly everything has really made it easier to be placed the themed yacht in the trash of impossible concepts.

The Stress of Monaco yacht concept has been designed by a group of passion-derived creative designers to offer something different to the luxury cruise enthusiasts. This extremely extraordinary 155m SWATH vessel features an ability to showcase the sea most appropriately and the exceptionally wide beams give ultimate support to its giant structure and unique shape of the hull. This superstructure is predominantly backed with steel and aluminum in the upper side and is powered with diesel electric propulsion that can run at up to 15 knots of speed with 70 crews and 16 guests. The yacht consists of three main communal areas, the streets of Monaco, the Oasis and the Grand Atrium. The Streets of Monaco is the fully functional themed Monaco Grand Prix race circuit, and the main focus of the design, throughout the yacht. The Oasis is the main boarding point for the yacht that is expensively modeled with gardens just outside the Monaco Casino. The central hub of the yacht features The Grand Atrium that links the upper and lower living areas. Each part of the concept is full of extraordinary enjoyable events and attributes that travelers of all range will consider a dream come true to experience.

Designer : Yacht Island Design

streets of monaco yacht

streets of monaco yacht

streets of monaco yacht

More details from the designer :

• Two large tender garages to store all manner of launches, offshore power boats, jet skis etc.
• Dive dock and Submarine, deployed from one of the submerged hulls.
• Multi configurable sports court sized to championship tennis regulations also doubles as a Heli-Pad.
• Ample crew quarters including a gym and private sun terrace.
• Crew can access all areas of the yacht via a network of corridors allowing for maximum guest privacy.
• Sea level ‘Beach’ decks situated aft in both struts.

streets of monaco yacht

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12 thoughts on “The Streets Of Monaco Mega Yacht Can Reset The Approach Of Luxury Cruising

  1. this is also very bad design. sticking generic filler stuff on a floating thing does not make good design. the first paragraph even says that this was made to be placed among the trash designs. and who needs a parking lot on a cruise ship (anyone else notice that)? who would want one there on the very expensive top deck?

    it has shock factor because it is so vibrant, but if a dog eats food coloring then his droppings can be just as vibrant and, very sadly, probably better designed.

  2. well at least he knows how to design something unique, and share his imagination with us! And it's easy to criticize than having the knowledge for creating such a creative design. Beautiful creation! thanks for sharing!

  3. That looks more like a floating city than a ship. I can only imagine how much time and raw materials it would take to build that thing.

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