Artbrew : Smart, Automated Beer Brewing Machine

Well, not only coffee can be made automatically, crafting beer can be done automatically as well. ArtBrew is a smart, automated brewing system that allows you to brew your own beer easily from the comfort of your own home. You can access brewmaster app to pick the recipe, then insert ingredients, and press start. Yes, this auto brewing system makes it easy for you thanks to its companion app, it uses only highest quality of beer brewing ingredients, you can purchase a pre-created Artpack or prepare your own ingredients. The LCD screen displays several option of beer types, or you can create your own recipe through the app from yeast, malts, to hops. Each ingredient has its own compartment, no mistake here, it’ll change the way you brew beer.

Designer : ArtBrew Team

Artbrew - Smart, Automated Craft Beer Home Brewery

Artbrew - Smart, Automated Craft Beer Home Brewery

Simply open the top panel to pull out the lids, there are MiniKegs where you can pour your ingredients. Follow the instructions from LCD screen to pour the correct amount of water and correct ingredients of your recipe. Once it’s done, press “Start” to start the brewing process, you’ll hear the beautiful sound where ArtBrew begin to combine hot water and malt to get the “malty” liquid or also known as wort. The wort would then need to be sterilized through boiling and by adding hops. You can wait Artbrew to ferment for about 1 to 3 weeks to convert the wort into beer with yeast. Everything will be done automatically, including the temperature and pressure, depending on the recipe’s requirements.

Artbrew - Smart, Automated Craft Beer Home Brewery

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