MiniRocket iGlow from Topeak to Keep You Safe While Cycling

MiniRocket iGlow from Topeak has won a 2013 Red Dot Design Award, it’s a mini pump with integrated integral glow technology to alert other users. It’s a brilliant design to keep cyclist safe at night or any low visibility conditions. There’s on-off button to activate the light, an illuminated optical fiber element is kept inside transparent barrel, it transforms the pump body into bright light to alert other passing vehicles. It weighs only 67 grams, it won’t make your bike feels heavier, it works just like a nice glowing safety strip. There’s a pair of watch sized batteries that power the light for up to 50 hours (brightest setting) and 100 hours when dimmed.

From : Topeak

MiniRocket iGlow by Topeak

MiniRocket iGlow by Topeak

MiniRocket iGlow by Topeak

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