Aeroscraft ML866 New Paradigm in Air Transport

ML866 is a new type of aircraft which is one step closer to take-off because the United States FAA has accepted the type of certification application for the Aeros ML866. With its 64 meter long and 36 meter wide, this aircraft has top speed of 138 mph with range more than 3000 miles, it boasts some unique properties for a craft of its size including the ability to hover, take-off and land vertically, complete autonomy from airports, not to mention incredible aerial views.

The mammoth 5000ft square cabin area also opens up a range of possible applications for the aircraft, from cargo transport and mining to use as a luxurious private sky yacht or a fully functional conference center.

ml866 aeroscraft

sky transportation ml866 aeroscraft

“The Aeroscraft will be type certified as a new type of aircraft. This is a monumental step forward in the aerospace industry. It is a new dimension of flight – an aircraft that utilizes adjustable buoyant and dynamic lift, creating unique capabilities beyond what is available from any other air platform today,” said Aeros president and CEO Igor Pasternak. “This is a significant milestone in an overall Aeroscraft development program. I am absolutely confident in the project’s successful completion.”

ml866 aeroscraft transportation

fly with ml866 aeroscraft

Designer : AerosML

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4 thoughts on “Aeroscraft ML866 New Paradigm in Air Transport

  1. NOW this is flying.

    Ideal locales:

    No CA Wine area

    Over HI

    AZ- Grand Canyon area.

    Yellowstone Park.

    Wash DC

    Miami FL

    & Caribbean.


    Costs to build & ticket cost.

    Nice slow flying.

    Id add Underside hanger module for

    Exec Jets & Jetcopters-

    see USS LA, Macon 1930s trapeze experiments for catching biplanes (then) mid air.

    Id take a airline & cruise Co to run this baby alone.


    The New Zepplien.

    Problem is $$$$$$$ to build & market for.

    NO air cargo since that should use SST HST mode?

    vs Low slow airship speeds.

    Great for Ag use?

    House multiple cameras for Pro bowl games alone.

    & where to base this on land?

    Near the sea?

    On the sea???

    • The aeroscraft can land anywhere, it is heavier than air- meaning it will stay on the ground- and uses hovercraft instead of conventional landing gear.

      And yes, it can and will be used for cargo, to replace highly inefficient heavy cargo choppers and some cargo planes. Luxury operations are only a small market niche.

      Happily, cost is one of the aeroscraft's advantages over other aircraft. The ML866- their smallest model, the first of which is in the final stages of hull construction- has about 5,000 square feet of floor space. The only comparable aircraft is the double-decker airbus A380, which also has around 5,000 square feet. The A380 also happens to be $349,000,000 more expensive than the $40 million ML866. It's a huge gap, but it's not exactly surprising- the ML866 is fairly simple- just a relatively small helium-filled rigid skeleton and some small piston engines, whereas the A380 is a huge, massively complex, heavy jet liner.

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